Save Our Earth


Nature comes in all shapes and sizes.  For some, it’s the trees outside their apartment or the plant they may or may not remember to water.  It could be the flowers peeking through the snow on the east river trail or a reservoir in the park.  To others, it’s vast lakes and rivers, coastlines and mountains.

photo 2

Growing up, I took for granted the weekend trips to the beach, weeks we spent skiing or hiking in Mammoth Mountain, and all the other glorious trips I spent outdoors.  Despite the fact that I live and work relatively near Central Park, I don’t have the opportunity to immerse myself outside as much as I used to.


~ Los Angeles may be overly smoggy, but on a fine day, you can spot the Pacific Ocean out in the distance.  This is one of my favorite hikes back home, an easy 3 mile jaunt, perfect for catching up with friends or getting rid of stress after work. ~


IMG_8778~ Even the snowy reservoir provides a slight escape from the hustle and bustle of the city ~


So today, on Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate the world around you.  Think about how we can make it a better place for the present as well as the future.


For more information and events, check out the Nature Conservancy at today.


Travel Tuesdays – Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens

There was this one time where we read that the cherry blossoms would be blooming and blossoming all over Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens.  Seeing as my friend Laura and I were looking for a way to explore the outdoors and possibly escape the city for some time, we took a trip off the island to check it out.


Well, let’s just say the magazines and newspapers didn’t really take into account our fabulous weather this winter.  The cherry blossoms were far and few but we did stumble upon some beautiful plants.  IMG_4588Where the blossoms should have been …

IMG_4583I spy a few buds!

IMG_4594A little spring surprise from the cold grounds of New York

We even found ourselves amidst a hipster wedding with men dressed in bow ties and the women adorning various colored dresses.  It was quite a site and even managed to show up on the Humans of New York Facebook page.


What I did enjoy was roaming around the gardens, watching the people lay out in the sun and dream of the days to come.  I may not be in sunny California, but I’ve managed to find some ways to replicate my time outside in the foliage.  Ok, I still haven’t spotted any palm trees, but maybe that just means I need to plant one. 

IMG_4595Like I said, I managed to find at least one tree in full bloom.  It made me realize how gorgeous of a season spring actually is and the fact that having seasons enables us to see this beauty and appreciate it (especially after such a long winter!)

IMG_4600 Thanks to technology and innovation over hundreds of years, these greenhouses did provide us with a look and feel of some of our hometown plants.  It was almost as if I had clicked my heels and I was transported to the Huntington Gardens or Arcadia’s Arboretum.

IMG_4603Whatever it may have been, getting to explore a new area of the city, especially one that was outdoors, was the highlight of my weekend. I highly recommend taking a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  There are plenty of areas to sit, read a book, or take a walk.  One forgets how cramped and crowded and overwhelming a city can be until you explore the outer areas and find yourself breathing in (relatively) fresh air.


Brooklyn Botanical Garden
1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir