Life of Late ~ 5.12.17

As you read this I will be en route to start my 5th (or 6th since I can’t really remember) Ragnar Relay.  Back in high school and college I ran the annual Wasatch Back Relay with some friends in Utah.  Since that particular race happens in June, it was always a “fun” way to wrap up the school year.  I put that in quotes because most people would 1) call that insane and 2) it really is somewhat of a 24 hour suffer-fest.  My coworkers actually have started to just assume every PTO day I take or “vacation” is running related.  So far this year they aren’t wrong. 

Anyways, being a runner, I forgot what the pain was like and decided to do it again.  This time around has been a bit more intense since I’m actually helping the captains get ready for the race and let’s just say the universe was very against us running.  Between finding an additional 7 runners, runners dropping due to injury (total of 4 runners dropped), issues with driving insurance, and more injury, it’s been a fun time.  I don’t start until later this afternoon and then I will embark on a total of 22 miles (9 + 3 + 9).  Now if I don’t get kicked off the finish line (there’s a slight chance we may not make it based on timing…) it’ll be a grand success.  I’ll have to check back in next week to let you know the result.

As for now, sit back and enjoy this week’s edition of Life of Late.

Yes, a majority of my life is about running.  My dad hinted that I might need to cut back on working out so that I can enjoy some other parts of life.  I know there will be a time where exercise may not be #1 in my life but for now, it provides me with social opportunities, peace of mind, and energy to take on the day.   I don’t take it to extremes and it really doesn’t interfere too much with “normal life” since my workouts are always in the morning.

I probably should have taken more of a break following Paris but instead got caught up in the weekly schedule of workouts and continuing training for Ragnar.  My hips have been bugging me so I might have to take a step back in the next month or so.  The nagging pain probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been rooted on my butt from 8:30-6:30 most days at work but that’s a pretty petty excuse.  I really need to get back into stretching, strength, and foam rolling.  Alas, I’m only human.

It’s true I haven’t been to NP as much but still have my Tuesday track and Thursday stairs workout.  I do still love NP but have been feeling a bit out of it lately and need to reevaluate.  However, speaking of November Project, I re-connected with an old sorority sister through Instagram and start chatting about November Project. Turns out that she moved to Portland and has been one of the main members of the fitness pledge and THEY BECAME A TRIBE!!  How neat is that??  I will certainly have to visit.

Looking back at college I think I would have been even more satisfied or happier if I had a solid workout group like November Project.  Then again, hindsight is 20/20 and I was still figuring my way around and trying to figure out myself.  Heck, I’m still doing that.

Last week was my birthday and I think 26 is off to a very solid start.  I started the day with a run – actually crashed Ali’s event – in the park.  Our friends Jackie and Laura Ann were simply amazing and picked up balloons, necklaces that said Happy Birthday and birthday hats.  All of the above made running 6 humid miles around the park a bit difficult but it was so worth all the smiles and birthday greetings we received from people.  I mean, how can you glare at someone trying to maneuver a massive golden balloon as they run?

Later in the day after brunching at Blake Lane and grabbing a coffee from Joe, my friend Melissa and I held a joint birthday bash at a bar downtown.  I’m not the biggest bar person but when you are in NYC, that seems to be the big thing.  Well, for anyone looking for an awesome space, look no further than D.B.A., which allows dogs, food to be brought in (because of said dogs), and has an awesome covered outdoor space.  We stayed all afternoon long and had a blast!  I think what made me the happiest was that over the course of the day, I was able to see pretty much every person in New York City that I love.  That right there is the key to a good time!  Oh and possibly a few too many bottles of the Wolffer Cider.


^^ Sunday brought some gloomy weather and somewhat of a hangover from the lovely Wolffer Cider.  Not the best hangover but certainly not the worst.  I had been gifted tickets to the NYCFC match up at Yankee Stadium and so despite the nasty forecast, I traveled up to the Bronx to watch some good ‘ol futbol.  I haven’t followed MLS of late but grew up watching the Galaxy so it was fun to reminisce and also to walk around the baseball stadium.

Fun Reads (because it makes me happy to share)

The Real Life RD ~ “Why You Should Take A Lunch Break” ~ When possible, I do try to go for a walk or even a quick gym class and it’s totally evident with my refreshed mind and body.  But the past two weeks have been tough to even get out of work on time.  Let’s just say working 8:30-6 or later with no break does nothing for my achey hips and back.

PureWow ~ “8 Hikes within 2 Hours of NYC” ~ Maybe now that I’m not training for any half or full marathons this fall I’ll have some more weekend time to hike and enjoy the beach!

NY Post ~ “Llama Weddings Are Real and as Bizarre as They Sound” ~ Goodness knows I’ve got time before I get married BUT OH MY GOSH HOW COOL! THEY HAVE LLAMAS!!! (also not sure where my obsession with llamas came from either…) November Project ~ “How My Body Healed When I Took Off My Watch” ~ Comparison is the thief of joy and I certainly need to remind myself of this DAILY.

Quartz Media ~ “Employee Burnout is Becoming a Huge Problem in the American Workforce” ~ If anything, there are times where I feel guilty for taking time off, but that shouldn’t be the case!


  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and wishing all the mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.  You are all rockstars.

Holidays in the City

Unless you find yourself amidst the holiday markets in Europe, there’s no better place to be during Christmas time than New York City.  From the countless trees decked with lights to the window displays along Fifth Avenue to the ice rinks found around the city.  Hey, most of the time we even have the crisp air that allows you to bundle nice and warm, because who isn’t about that boots and scarf look?

Having lived here now through four Christmas seasons, I do agree that the Big Apple does it best – it’s been a treat to wear jeans, sweaters, and scarfs on a regular basis but I also have been fortunate to go home for a sunny and 70F Christmas morning.  I have made it my goal to experience as much Christmas cheer as possible and have a list of things that you certainly should check out one or many years down the road.

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Life of Late ~ 6.3.16

Friday. Four day week.  June 3rd.  Better yet…NATIONAL DONUT DAY!  Now even though I have a sweet tooth, I’m not always the biggest donut fan.  If it were a showdown between Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbin’s ice cream, obviously a scoop of ice cream would win.  Though I am a sucker for food holidays and November Project was located near a donut joint (Underwest) so I indulged.  The verdict?  Very pleasantly surprised and actually satisfied with my choice.


There are a few parts to this success.  First – purchase donut from the source.  None of this donuts from Whole Foods or even donuts to go.   Second – partner up with someone so that you can sample multiple flavors.   This is a #runtoeat and #eattorun sort of deal so we can’t go donut crazy and eat 1 of each flavor (cue sugar crash at work and hello witchy Kaitlin), but splitting them is definitely a viable solution.  Thank you Rebecca for being my donut buddy 🙂

Underwest Donuts
638 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
(Fun fact: this is located on the west side IN a car wash…yes it’s sanitary)


^^ Located right next to this big ‘ol boat named the Intrepid (location of today’s NP_NYC workout)

As I predicted, we have gotten into full swing of upfront season at work.  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a time in ad sales where the publisher (where ads run) negotiates with agencies (who work for clients like State Farm and Geico and such) on prices and how much they are going to spend and where their ads are going to run.  This means we wait after work for them to come back with their best deals and then we revise our options and submit proposals.  It’s a lot of back and forth and some long nights but boy am I learning a ton.  I also happen to be on a solid team where my Account Executive and Associate Account Executive are super helpful and are genuinely interested in helping me learn.  Plus the company feeds us.


So my life goes back to the balance of working and working out – a combination that I am quite ok with.  Yes, there are 100% days that I would like to sleep in but then I see the sky look like this and am always happy I made it out.  The one recent instance where I wish I hadn’t worked out was yoga  yesterday.  Stretching = good.  Bad teacher = bad practice.  My friend Jackie and I arrived for our favorite class and soon learned that 1) water was shut off at this particular location (no showers no toilets) and 2) our favorite teacher was NOT teaching there anymore.  We stuck it out but when the OM at the beginning of class sounded like a capella group out of tune, my immediate reaction was “ah hell no”.  I stayed the entire class but it did nothing for me.


^^ Tested out a couple of classes via ClassPass and totally LOVED Throwback Fitness.  One of the gals I met at 24 Hour Fitness back in the day has been working out here at least 1x if not 2x every day and is obsessed.  I had been meaning to try it but didn’t want to interfere with training for Brooklyn.  Ha – as if I was really trying hard to train.  Best described below:

“We are gamifying fitness by harnessing the feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and camaraderie that come from being part of a team, and the excitement felt when working together to achieve a common goal. Our‘murderously fun’ workouts channel the nostalgia of adolescence by modeling our unique, competitive, partner- and team-based workouts after such childhood favorites as Dodgeball and Capture the Flag, or even dorm room-inspired games like Flip Cup.” (source)

So how fun does that sound?  Test it out, see how much fun you have and then BOOK A BIRTHDAY PARTY! That’s right.  How totally cool is that?  You can have your birthday at a fun workout class.  Because birthday parties are no longer for those under the age of 8.


^^ Another class that I took was a hip-hop class at Y7 – another successful discovery.  I had taken it the Sunday after Brooklyn and entered the class with practically no flexibility and all the aches and pains.  I wasn’t so good at the “flow on your own” parts but did leave limber and ever so sweaty.

I’m really going to have to kick up my yoga game soon.  Maybe I’ll make it a part of my two-a-day program when marathon training starts.  A little cardio/strength in the morning and some yoga stretching at night.  Solid schedule don’t you think?  Still have to test out the beloved Bethany at Lyon’s Den that Ali keeps talking about.


Reading >> The Lake House by Kate Morton

Watching >> The Barkely Marathon phenomenon/obsession via Netflix & Great Big Story ~ “The Man Behind The Most Grueling Footrace on Earth

Salivating over >> Bondi Harvest ~ New Aussie restaurant in Santa Monica (+ amazing recipes here)

Cleaning >> My room and closet all.the.time.  I don’t have to move apartments for another couple of months but want to have as little excess as possible.  Seeing that I am either at work or on the go, I don’t need too much, right?

Drinking >> Iced coffee.  Starbucks is even coming out with new options like sweet cream cold brew and nitro cold brew!

Hoping >> To find Hamilton tickets.  I know they are hard to come by so don’t burst my bubble.  I’m hoping that I can find a loophole somewhere or that people don’t try as hard when the original cast moves on…

Baking / Experimenting >> With BERRIES. ALL THE BERRIES!  And this nut butter zucchini brownie recipe.


^^ Round #2 of single serving strawberry shortcake (homemade shortcake by the way…just call me Betty or Martha).  Second time was definitely the charm.

PureWow ~ “The Best Burgers in NYC” ~ This is no time to be vegetarian or vegan.  Let the games begin.

The Muse ~ “Sheryl Sandberg Opens Up and Reminds Everyone About the Power of Resilience

Meter Tracksmith ~ “No Rest for the Weary” ~ aka Badass.

PureWow ~ “11 Iconic Summer Moments” ~ GOING TO JERSEY FOR A POOL! Hope you are reading this my Jersey friends because it’s happening. ~ Daily Texts for self-fulfillment.  No really – if you sign up, you will get daily texts and gifs to make your day so much better.

Being Your True Self: Does Authenticity Matter in the Workplace?” ~ An interesting thought.  There are too many articles that look at millennials in a bad way, but there may be something to this.




Weekend wise, we’ve got some rain in the forecast (yay summer storms), I’ve got a bike ride and festive outdoor fete, some running to Central Park to cheer the runners at the Retro 4M and the viewing of Me Before You.  Let the games begin!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you a donut fan?

Lunching at The Little Beet, Manhattan

So the daily lunch out might not be the best idea in terms of saving money, especially when you live in New York City, buuuuut once in awhile is a-okay.  Especially if those jaunts are to a funky little vegan and vegetarian friendly joint called The Little Beet.  I had agreed to meet up with a friend for lunch one of these days and since she has some different dietary restrictions, The Little Beet was the spot to go.  I don’t really consider myself vegetarian or vegan but do end up eating along those trends every now and then.  Plus I’m on the hunt to check out all the spots in NYC.  Slowly but surely I’ll make my way around.

The Little Beet
135 W 50th St (btwn 6th/7th)
M-F: 7am-9pm
Sat/Sun: 12pm-7pm

IMG_3854^^ When one eats with other bloggers, they have no problem taking endless amounts of pictures. Caught red-handed 😉  I did love the rustic-chic ambiance they had going on – vines on the walls, wooden tables, and iron chairs.  For a hot second, I forgot that I was in the concrete jungle.

IMG_3849^^ A nice little selection of juices if you choose to drink your meal or accompany the delectable fare.  If my phone actually did the juices justice, you would see all the colors of the rainbow.  So pretty so pretty.

IMG_3855^^ You have two options to order.  One is “to-go” which can be done online or on the mobile app and the other option is obviously in-store.  (The man above is probably thinking, “what weirdo is taking pictures of a restaurant like this?” #diditfortheblog)




All the options are pretty clear and listed on menus as you wait in line.  The set-up of options reminded me of L.A.’s Lemonade, but with a lot fewer choices.


IMG_3858 ^^ I was not creative or experimental at all and went for my favorite trio >> salmon w/ kale and some sort of sweet potato.  This time the sweet potato came in the form of a root vegetable mash, which was not as sweet or salty as I had anticipated, but was a nice combo for the kale and salmon.  They played nicely together.

Annnnnnd I couldn’t seem to leave without purchasing a cookie.  I had been trying a no sugar thing that lasted all of three days.  The entire meal had cost me close to $17 or so dollars (thank you New York and thank you fresh foods), so that’s obviously not feasible on the daily but let me leave you with this – it was “national cookie day”.  I’m a sucker for holidays.  So there.


“Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasent in which case me will eat a cookie” – Cookie Monster

Life of Late ~ 10.30.15

Helloooooooooo.  Who is ready for the spooktacular day of Halloween (tomorrow)?  My day has started off a-okay with a little November Project pump up workout at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, a little trip to Whole Foods (because why not) and now a media math test for television media.  I would prefer to do without the last part buuuuuut what can you do?  Of course I’m “studying” by writing this post.  Let’s just say it’s going as well as my SAT prep did in high school.  Back then I didn’t have the blog but I did have the JCrew website to browse.  Hey, I made it through college and earned a job on my own, so it’s all good.

I had planned on getting up this morning around 5:15 and dropping my stuff at the gym, running to the workout and running back afterwards.  Turns out I either didn’t set my alarms, turned them off before going to bed, or just turned them off in my sleep.  Anyways, I woke up at 5:45, which was not enough time to catch the subway and subsequently hailed a cab.  So much for free fitness 😉


We started the morning off with a helluva lot of burpees, lunges, stairs, and oh more burpees.  I have to hand it to our leaders – that was one killer workout.

Plans this weekend call for a Halloween house-warming, some sort of workout and pumpkin baking tomorrow and the NEW YORK MARATHON ON SUNDAY!  Who is pumped?


Last night I went to a happy hour celebration with work and I swear it reminded me that not everyone is a runner.  I had a few conversations with people where they just couldn’t understand my infatuation with November Project or working out or getting up early.  It’s like I was a specimen or something. (Note as I am writing this at 9:20…oops…the office is empty.  I’m that weird kid who works out in the morning instead of getting in late with a hangover. you do you)

^^ I don’t do bugs and I don’t do spiders, but this is too darn hilarious.  I very well may try this with a future dog of mine.  I’ll be such a good owner 😉

Side note.  I want to get more involved with photography and video making.  I watch all these amazing little recap videos that people make of their travels (Well Traveled Wife + husband, The Healthy Maven, and a few of my friends at NP).  This may be my new winter project but let’s see if I actually follow through…


^^ Throwback to those good times we had in Utah.  My deepest apologies to Emma as I have my rear end in her face.  Don’t mind me, just trying to get the race anklet on straight.

Huffington Post ~ “1,200 Calories” ~ Isn’t this article the truth.  Weight is more than a number and it’s not always all about those calories.  Excuse the French but I liked this excerpt, “And hungry people are — let’s be honest — complete assholes. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry it means I’m unfocused, cranky, distracted, grumpy, irritable, and generally miserable. Snickers did get something right: You are not your best self when you are hungry.”

Sweet & Salty ~ “Redefining Love” ~ A post written by one of my best friends and such a wonderful one at that ~ “And now these three remain: faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love.” — 1 Corinthians 13:13


^^ Enjoying the last 0.2 of the last 10 miles of the NYM course (if you are a blog follower, you might recognize the gal in the tank to the left)

5 Love Languages ~ So how do you express your love for others?  Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch?  I guess you could say I’m a mix of the two – acts of service and gifts, but mostly love to give gifts.  Whether it’s being there to listen, sending care packages, or just picking up something random in a store (or even groceries 😉 ).  I love finding the right gift for someone and watching their face as they open it. 

Business Insider ~ “What I Would Tell My 20-Year Old Self” ~ Fail. Patience. Travel.  Stop watching TV.  All so true, especially the TV part. I spend some nights on the couch, flipping through my phone and willing myself to do something different.  Yet I remain on that couch, eyes glued to either the phone or television.

Pure Wow ~ “5 Places to Hike Based on Your L.A. Personality” ~ Getting this list ready for when I’m home during the holidays.

Time ~ “How to Find the Healthiest Candy” ~ Now, I’m a HUGE sweet fan but not the biggest candy fan.  Shocker.  I do love a trip to Dylan’s Candy bar but that’s just because it’s like another world in there.  Thanks to Cupcakes & Cashmere for a few of these links. 

DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK SUNDAY!  If you are out and about for the Halloween festivities, you may feel a little deja vu when it’s 2 am and then 2 am.  Enjoy.