NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 5-8


Week 5 : 8/15 – 8/21

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Life of Late ~ 6.24.16

Who else woke up to the notification that Britain decided to leave the EU?  Well, it’s the end of the world as we (I) know it  – from the countless classes that I took between high school and college that talked about politics, my travels throughout England and Europe, and simply being aware of what was going on.  Between the Brexit and this Hillary vs. Trump phenomenon, our world of politics is on a nice roll.

But enough about politics.  This week I was feeling MUCH more refreshed – probably due to the fact I didn’t go out over the weekend and just hung outdoors – between the west side park and Central Park – for an absurd amount of time.


^^ Thank goodness I listen to morning television during breakfast because I learned that New York City was hosting our very own volleyball tournament and Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross (the Rio bound duo) were going to be playing!!  This was all FREE and thankfully I decided to bike rather than walk my way down (~3.5 miles) and made it just in time.  They won…obviously.


^^ After I went back to charge my phone a bit (yay for iPhone battery life), I went into Brooklyn to meet my friend Laura at the Brooklyn Bowl.  She is a HUGE fan of Jeremy Loops, a South African singer and song-writer and I was up for something new and different.  It was SO GOOD! Sadly it was his last USA performance for a very long time and I was so glad that I went.  You never know what could happen when you say yes to new opportunities.

I also happened to fall prey to the artisan ice cream truck before making it to the show, but hey it was part coffee (to keep me awake) and vegan dark chocolate (so healthy?)


^^ Almost more of a fan of the vegan ice cream (dark chocolate on the bottom because it didn’t melt as fast!)  This also was a summer must as Van Leeuwen’s is ranked in the top 5 ice cream spots 1 in NYC! Thank you PureWow for fueling my constant food exploration and consumption in this city.

Summer means fresh fruit, which means it’s time for BLUEBERRIES! And figs and strawberries and peaches…but I digress.  PureWow rounded up some fresh ways to use blueberries and of course there is one of my favorite YouTube videos about blueberries.  Enjoy:




^^ Saturday was filled with a very tough workout class (quasi-weights/boot camp), breakfast acai bowl, and lots of park time for a friend’s birthday.  I was quite a sight in the subway as I was not only carrying a butt load of fruit but also walking my friends bike through the mass amounts of tourists in the humidity.  I was not impressed when the subway was 20 minutes late and I’m sure the tourists were not impressed by my desire and ultimate need to get that bike in and on and out of the subway car.


^^ If you don’t follow Ali’s blog or instagram, I would do so if only for more pictures of Ellie.  How can you say no to that face?  Our friend Jason may have a different feeling after seeing that last picture of Ellie with his soccer ball…she may have thought it was a chew toy.  Oops.

The rest of the day I was SUPER social. Not.  What I actually did was go to Whole Foods with some friends, pick up mac and cheese w/ salmon and cauliflower and then go home to eat and watch Orange is the New Black.  It was glorious and I loved getting a full night’s sleep.


^^ The next morning was the Harlem Mile up in – you guessed it – Harlem.  Well it was at Marcus Garvey Park to be specific.  I hadn’t signed up for the mile but wanted to get a longer run in and cheer for my friends.  About six miles later, I was up above Central Park and ready to cheer on the speedy crew.  Our crew tied for first and it was also a blast to see all the kids running around – some more enthused about this thing called “running” than others.

For those who weren’t thrilled, I feel for you.  My dad had to draaag me around the local track when I was going into 7th grade.  I’m serious.  I couldn’t even make it that mile.  But hey, look at me now 😉



^^ Running + Brunch + Levain Cookies + Ice Coffee + Park + ANNELISE FOUND A FOUR LEAF CLOVER! What a Sunday.

IMG_7943 ^^ My view en route to Track Tuesday.  I may not love the track or even really like the track but it’s better with a group of people and the idea that I could get faster.  It also helps that the track is only a mile away from my apartment and I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (or earlier than I already do) to get to Central Park.  The little things my friends, just the little things.



^^ That’s the plan for this weekend.  After my 5-mi run (the NYRR Pride Run) tomorrow, I’m heading up to Connecticut with Lindsay and we plan to hang at the beach all weekend long. YES!


^^ New November Project tag ready for tomorrow’s race.  Thank you so much to the paint crew that got up early to spray paint all of our t-shirts because they look saweeet!!!  Here’s to an awesome weekend to all.  Enjoy!

“Know your own happiness” – Jane Austen

Life of Late ~ 6.17.16

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY.  Sorry.  I can’t think of any other way to open these posts any more.  I think I’m still recovering from last weekend’s shenanigans and let’s just say that when you miss out on crucial sleep over the weekend, it just seems to add up during the week.  But that’s what being young is all about.  Or so I’m reminded 😉


Last Friday I ran over the Manhattan Bridge and out into Brooklyn for the November Project workout.  I had been jogging over with my backpack when my speedy friend Jessica caught up with me.  As our pace started to pick up, I told her to go on but she was sweet and stuck it out.  About 6 miles later, we made it to Prospect Park with the rest of the crew.


^^ Dreamy breakfast found in Brooklyn and must be replicated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I will even run into Brooklyn to find this very basic but delicious egg sandwich with bacon, egg, cheddar, and avocado and the best (no really…it’s true) almond iced latte that I have ever had.

Tilda All Day
930 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
M-F (7:30a-5p) & S/S (8a-5p)

^^ Of course there were other November Project workouts in between and it wouldn’t be a workout if you didn’t take a picture, right?  All the BBG girls take them, so I’ll just upload mine here.  Sure, not the same transformations but still a hell of a good time and if you put in the effort, a good workout.

Part of the fun of working out with semi-professional photographers.  Many many thanks to the lovely Julia and Brian who wakeup at the crack of dawn and post these and many more for us to share on our own social media accounts.  It’s also so much more fun than waiting around for race pictures, which let’s be honest – rarely turn out how you imagine.


^^ As we are in the middle of upfront season, our department has been treating us to lunches and dinners in the office.  Cool free food.  Boo for staying late.  This was a little bit of a Thursday afternoon Italian Ice treat.  I swear the scoops were the size of golf balls but packed a punch like an ice cream sundae.  I took a shot of my friend’s rainbow scoop because if it’s not photographed, it didn’t happen.  I actually selected coconut but plain ‘ol white doesn’t look nearly as good for the camera.

IMG_7612 IMG_7560 Did you know that you can find nature in the city?  Yes, even this picture that LOOKS like we are outside of Manhattan, is not out of Manhattan.  A couple of weeks ago I went biking with my friend Emma who is training for a half Ironman and wanted some cycling company.  I was biking without gears and we got a bit lost a times but also realized that there is SO much more to this city and island than we realized.  Cue summer adventures!!

IMG_7714I also ran in the women’s 10k last Saturday, planning to jog and just go with the flow.  I had run 6+ with a backpack the day before and was/am still in a “non-racing/taking it easy month”.  << That’s seriously a joke because I don’t know how to relax.  I even struggle with napping or sitting still for too long.


^^ As my sister so perfectly put it ‘”I’m going to take it easy” are always the famous last words’  I guess I just get too competitive with myself.  I did however successfully run sans headphones and sans music. Thank you thank you to the epic NP cheer squad as always.

IMG_7712 ^^ My friend Callie and I posing for a picture so that we can immediately upload it and then go hunting for Juice Press and free juice.  (#willrunforjuice)  Also apparently because it’s a woman’s race, that means we have to have everything pink themed.  Well, I’m just not a pink kind of gal…but thanks?


^^ Of course right after the race, this group of girls 1) started having a dance party to the loudspeaker music (maybe we could have raced harder?) and 2) ever so politely asked to pose with MOLLY HUDDLE! who will be making her marathon debut this November at a little thing we call the New York City Marathon.  See you there Molly!


^^ We always come out stacked.  November Project ladies bringing our A game no matter the race.


^^ Racing was followed up by some green juice from Juice Press and an epic crab cake brunch.  We may have gotten mimosas for the table and banana bread pudding for dessert later that day.  Yeah, I’m not on the BBG diet nor whole30 diet at all.

IMG_7731^^ Saturday night I went out with some friends to a housewarming party and to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  See I CAN dress up in people clothes and do other things besides run and go galivanting through the city.

I pulled one of those nights where supposedly I had to act my age, so that meant a very very late bedtime.  But, despite the splitting headache the next morning, I was up at Central Park with some friends testing out our territory on two wheels.

IMG_7734IMG_7742 ^^ From biking to volunteering with a group of Santa Clara alums at the local soup kitchen.  I have been volunteering here for a few weeks and really do find it to be meaningful work.  You learn a lot about people and the struggles that they have to go through.  Some folks are grateful for your help and others are quite pissed off at the world.  It’s one of those life lessons that teaches you to give back but also appreciate what you have.



Last but certainly not least, we got an amazing addition to the November Project New York City leadership team this week.  Our tribe added a third co-leader and her name is Jeanie and she is going to rock everyone’s socks off!!!! I got to know Jeanie a little bit last year and have to say she is one hell of a leader, even before she became an official leader.  She has the charisma that anyone could kill for and damn that body 😉 We call it #bodiesbyjeanie.  Oh, and if you so happen to have a birthday and she is there to sing and dance, well, then you’ve won the lottery.  Here’s to a great new chapter in our tribe’s books and here’s to the WEEKEND!

Life of Late ~ 3.4.16

Another week bites the dust.  It’s no fun when you wake up on Thursday thinking that it is Friday.  Yes, that happened but today I can say TGIF.   My face says it all.  Looking forward to a little bit of running (duh), laundry, yoga, social, some exploration, and probably more running. The long laundry list of “to-do” items really includes blogging, making a list of things to do in Washington D.C. next month, clearing out more junk from my closet, strength training, meal prep, finding more places to travel to, crafts to make, educating myself about tech or coding or something, and all while saving money.

IMG_5753^^ Photo by my friend Feller (I will always know her as her maiden name and it’s so much more fun with alliteration)

It just so happens that last weekend’s half was my 13th 13.1 race.  Neat right?  So in the spirit of the event, I decided to sign up for yet another one, this time in Newport Rhode Island.  Also when your friends post about it and encourage people to sign up…#fomo and well, there goes my lunch money for the next month.

newportSince I’m from California, I tend to get the questions “why did you ever leave California?” or “do you think you will ever move back?” or “when do you think you’ll move back?”.  It’s day to day people, day to day decisions.  However, this week I actually decided that I’m not all to ready to leave NYC (that could change in the next 6 months when my lease is up…) and especially don’t want to bail before marathon season.  Props to those who can train solo, but after second hand experiencing the training phenomenon with people training together, practicing the bridges, and running the course, I decided I want that too.  After all, it’s my first marathon so I better make it count.  And because the picture above is spot on.  Running is WAY more friend with a friend, friends, or a clutch playlist. 😉

Of course I decided this while telling my mom “you know the winter hasn’t been that bad this year”.  When I hung up the phone, I was greeted with this…


But a little snow doesn’t hurt too much, right?  It actually makes you THAT much more excited for the warmer weather.  Like spring, which is just a couple short weeks away!  And summer, which is right around the corner from that.  And this body is no where near bikini ready…

IMG_5752^^  I’m actually digging the one on the left (maybe mile 6 or so?) but oh dear, what happened on the right?  At least the woman behind me looks like she had a good time.


^^ That’s ok, I have my own personal photographer at November Project and just so happen to be featured in some of the latest NYRR promotional items.  We were having such a ball during those 6:30a intervals.

Great Big Story ~ Talking about Penn State and Ice Cream Courses ~ I scream you scream….WHO LOVES ICE CREAM???

Thrillist ~ “Do Juice Cleanses Work?” ~ So true. So true.

Running.Competitor ~ “Hopeful, Hungry and Chasing a Lie: Disordered Eating in Distance Running” ~ You know what?  I don’t look like a distance runner either.  Sometimes it’s tough because I compare myself to the rest of society – I’m not going to ever be like Kara Goucher (while I’d love that…neither the speed nor looks will ever be mine) and in this media/image obsessed world where smaller is better, thigh gap is crucial and being petite is more attractive, it sometimes really sucks.  Like she said, I’m not here to skinny-shame.  Sure, we are all different but as an athlete (I’m not professional but I still consider myself as such) I want to focus on these type of women; the women that train, have fun, that don’t compare, and are confident.  Remember, you do you.

Although, after Ali’s article on Kara Goucher, I really do want to be just like her.


What’s on tap for your weekend?  Any good race photo stories? They never really said running was pretty.

Life of Late ~ 12.11.15

Last week I claimed that “nothing really happened”.  Oh wow.  Actually in typical New York fashion, a LOT happened.  I took a Bieber dance class, ran PR day, overslept a few alarms, watched the Rockefeller Center tree lighting (on television because it was cold and drizzling), and ran my way to Brooklyn for a scrumptious almond croissant.  But let’s take a step back shall we?


^^ Arrived back to the office looking quite festive indeed.  Enough to get me through the red eye slump.

A couple of my friends at November Project had been chatting about this Beyonce Broadway Bodies (they have on in LA!!) class that they took and so I kept bugging them about when they were going to go again.  Me + dancing = not great but hey, I have fun doing it and that’s all that matters.  With the launch of Mr. Bieber’s two new hits “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean”, it was evident we had to sign up for one.   My mom would say quite the opposite as she screamed “ew Bieber” and turned the radio off when she heard his name.

Our goal for the night was to learn the first part of this music video and after a 10 minute warmup, we dove right in.  We were all one hot mess by the end of the night, Lucy practically sweating through every piece of 90’s clothing she had on.  I think it was an ultimate success but then of course we had forgotten all the moves by the time we reached the NP workout on Wednesday morning.


#sorrynotsorry #noregrets #belieber and all that jazz.


Well, “Is it too late now to say sorry”?

Fit Foodie Finds ~ “Advice for My 20-Year-Old Self” ~ Lee’s blog was one of the first blogs that I started to read and I loved her types of posts!  Also, who couldn’t love the design of the blog?  I like the part where she says to stop saying “when or if” and just do it. Also, #youdoyou is spot on. We are all a little weird.

Buzzfeed ~ “This is What Los Angeles Looked Like in its Glory Days” ~ How fabulous is that??

In It 4 The Long Run ~ “Recovery is Real” ~ Love seeing this blog’s progression.  Georgie is awesome.  Check it out.


^^ This is what we like to call running cat hill repeats in December.  Yes…DECEMBER


^^ Oh, let me just tell you this was yesterday morning and yes, we are still in December.  I’m loving this weather for sure.  On another note, a bunch of us found out yesterday whether we were or were not accepted into the 2016 NYC Half Marathon and I’m excited to say that my friend and I both made it in!  I’d love to work a little harder on training, which means readjusting some things.  These NYRR training runs will be clutch for mental and physical support (annnnnd maybe a few fewer holiday cookies…)


Buzzfeed ~ Expectations vs. Reality of Winter in Cold Climates ~ Truth.

Almost Getting It Together ~ “What I Learned From Working with a Nutritionalist

Yahoo Health ~ “I Quit Online Dating and So Should You

Pure Wow ~ “30 Totally Free Things to Do this Holiday Season” ~ Because who doesn’t love the word FREE?  Some are a no brainer and some are too darn funny.  You decide.


^^ Can’t get enough of these 5th Avenue decorations.  But ’tis the season. Lots more festive activities to come this weekend.  I’m gearing for a nice relaxing night at home tonight, a NYRR race tomorrow morning with the crew, followed by brunch, a holiday dance party in New Jersey, NP_Carols jaunt in the city, fun dinner with Lindsay and her brother, and then JIMMY FALLON ON MONDAY! More on that later.  Anyways, so stoked.  As always, keep calm and carry on.


“Your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be.” – Raymond Charles Barker

Life of Late ~ 10.9.15

What’s new in your neck of the woods?  Well, out in the good ‘ol NYC, we’ve had some solid fall weather – perfectly crisp (yes, some humidity in there), making me want to walk around the city or at least Central Park.  I did decide last week to pick up a bib for the Grete’s Gallop 1/2 Marathon in Central Park, but two intense laps of the park isn’t quite nearly as relaxing as a lovely stroll.

IMG_2703^^ Here’s the crew that made it through.  Those two gals on either side of me CRUSHED their race and BOTH qualified for the New York Marathon (meaning they ran sub 1:32ish).  Amazing, right?

I admit that running after having the flu last week probably wasn’t my best idea buuuuut I bought the bib, wanted to have at least one killer Central Park 1/2 under my belt, had told people I was going to run, and well just because.


^^ Thank goodness for my Pandora stations to provide this little tune.  If I could play it on repeat, I certainly would.  There are some races that I try to run sans music, but lately it’s been the only thing to keep my legs moving along.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing myself to run when I don’t want to, but my speedwork could always use a little party tunes.  Also notice that the battery is at 41% at it’s only 9:30am?  Granted I was using Pandora + Strava, so that might part of the problem.

IMG_2739^^ Dad (aka TFred) was in town this week for work and that meant catching up over dinner!  We tested out NYY Steak up by Rockefeller Center and split a delicious meal of steak + salmon combo.  We even splurged on a piece of NY Cheesecake, because when in New York, right?  Magnolia banana pudding would have been another viable option, but we wanted to watch a tad bit more of the wild card game.

kate spade magnolia

Speaking of Magnolias, here’s an announcement: Kate Spade has created a line as an homage to Magnolia Bakery. Because who wouldn’t feel dashing with a clutch that looks like banana pudding?

~ Weekly Link Love ~

Career Girl Daily ~ “6 Easy Habits When Your Work on Your Computer All Day” (strategy for walking – use a bathroom on another floor or set alarms in your calendar for stretch breaks…yes, this may be weird but hey, health is wealth)

Hello Natural ~ “Fight Inflammation with these 9 Foods” (Done, done, done x 3.  As sad as I am to say bye-bye to peanut butter and coffee, I want to see if these methods will help reduce some leg pain. Worth a shot)

Career Daily ~ “7 Hard Truths About Life Nobody Likes to Admit” (#6 – the “right” time doesn’t exist…what are we waiting for then?)

Peanut Butter is My Boyfriend ~ “Are You That Girl?” (One of my friend’s blogs and an excellent perspective on comparison)

My Healthyish Life ~ “Keeping Perspective” (Been taking some things for granted and love how Emily listed this post out)

Full of Life ~ “Accepting Yourself” (Yes, comparison. I’ve been in one of those moods or funks and reading these have brought great perspective.)

Getting’ My Healthy On ~ “30 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

Martha Stewart ~ “20 Signs You Are Totally the Martha Stewart of Your Friends” (I don’t have the chance to have people over often but have been known to bring in baked goods and been able to fix my friends clothes)


^^ Nothing like throwback pictures, especially during the holidays.

Tonight I’m meeting up with some girlfriends from November Project for a full pumpkin-filled-festive dinner.  From pumpkin macaroni and cheese to a broiled butternut squash kale salad, we’ve got fall foods covered.  On Saturday I’m volunteering the last long run for the New York Marathon and handing out water to some of my friends along the route.  Maybe a trip to Chobani SOHO and maybe a little massage treat prior to running Sunday’s Staten Island Half Marathon.

There’s about 40 of us leaving Manhattan (and Brooklyn) for the 1/2 or 5k race and maybe some pumpkin or Oktoberfest festivities afterwards.  One of my goals this year was to run a sub 1:40 half marathon and if I wasn’t able to make it happen in Sweden, I was hoping to do it this weekend.  Well, Sweden was a success and my purposeful training fell by the wayside, so this weekend will be more of a fun jaunt 🙂

Other than that, it’s a whole lot of football and I LOVE IT!  Oh, and shout out to all the peeps running Chicago Marathon Sunday!! We’ve got a few November Project New York folks who are going to just crush it!

What’s on tap for your weekend?

IMG_2675 “To play it safe is not to play.”
– Robert Altman