Life of Late ~ 5.4.16

Since I missed out on a week of life of late (sorry April), I figured I’d pop in today on a whim.  Ok, not really on a whim since this is already pre-scheduled and I have another idea for Friday’s blog post, but here we go and may the fourth be with you. 😉

I bailed on Sunday’s Met’s game in order to relax and do some organizing around my apartment.  The weather was a bit sucky and I didn’t really want to sit in the 40F temps + rain.  Now if the Mets were playing the Dodgers, it would have been a different story, but it was the Giants so there.  This week has been relatively low-key but I’m itching to change things up.  Luckily I’ve got a couple of adventures planned in the city this week/weekend and next weekend I’ll be heading back to sunny Southern California for my sister’s college graduation.  Not to pull this card, but it really does seem like just yesterday that I was leaving Santa Clara and graduating into the real world!


^^ A little reminder notebook from my boss at SCU Athletic Department.  She’s one helluva woman and I only wish I had dedicated more time to working with the department to learn from her, but thankfully we keep in touch (her blog here) and keep one another inspired.

Eating >> avocado  I know that my family was a huge Tex-Mex fan, thanks to Lawry’s seasonings, but I don’t really recall being obsessed with avocado beyond the weekly addition of guacamole.  Oh how that has changed.

Wanting >> to see Zootopia.  I’ve heard excellent things and maybe I’ll gain some wisdom from the movie.  Those plot lines appear light-hearted but are often way deep.

Participating >> in Verywell’s (’s new health site) Instagram promotion.  Who doesn’t love promotions and free goodies??  As evidenced by the two bags of coconut water I brought home from Bear Mountain, we all know I do.

Living, breathing, and working out >> in all things November Project, but what’s new?  I did a little Facebook stalk of myself (not weird at all…) just to see what other people would see if they stumbled on my profile and wow, it’s a little running/NP intense focused.  Not obsessed at all.  No fun.

Runner’s World ~ “The Motivating Power of November Project” ~ Still have yet to make it to Harvard and actually run the stadium

ESPN W ~ “The Happiest Workout Group You’ll Ever Join ~ “12 Things Runners Should Never Apologize For” ~ Another by my friend Ali. Also, #8…story of this blog.

IMG_6693^^ Suns up buns up…IT’S SUNNY AT 6AM! Got to love the spring 🙂  Also loving workouts that keep you sweating and leave you tuckered out.


^^ Sun was NOT out but still was fun to play in the puddles.  We fit the NYC stereotype of wearing all black.  Totally called one another to coordinate 😉

IMG_6721^^ So about that working out.  It’s not always pretty.  Running photos are not always pretty (hm, note the above) but it’s sure better with friends – especially those who keep you accountable and motivated to train hard.


^^ Last Friday’s run crew.  A few of us have decided to meet up and make the run-commute to Friday’s destination deck.  This adds at least a few miles to our day and even if the workout ends up being short, we feel accomplished.  Boom!


^^ When you do run those extra four miles (with a backpack) prior to the workout, it’s only necessary to celebrate with the breakfast club.  This beauty was from Plenty Cafe where apparently their biscuit sandwiches are ranked in the top 5 of the city.  I’d believe it.

A Cozy Kitchen ~ “Homemade Animal Cookies” ~ Oh, these are delish and dangerous.  Also probably better than the store bought ones – like the entire bag that was eaten freshman year in one sitting.  Good times. ~ “A Tiny Bronx Bakery Churns out Carrot Cake” ~ I have YET to make it to this shop and the three times that I was running at VCP Park in the Bronx, I meant to go.  Now with such a legacy and sweet story, I have to go.

Pure Wow ~ “10 Sins You Should Never Commit in NYC” ~ #5 and #10. So true. So true.

Contently ~ How Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers Consume Content Differently ~ Intriguing, right??

PureWow ~ “What Your Favorite Flavor Says About You” ~ Mmmm I could do citrus all day every day. Apparently I’m an energetic optimist and I do think that’s pretty darn accurate.

IMG_6947 “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” – Katharine Hepburn