Lunch at Larchmont Bungalow

I’m absolutely terrible at making decisions  in terms of where to eat out.  I tend to overanalyze the menu, making things more difficult than they need to be and I don’t want to be in charge for fear someone will be unhappy with my decision.  However, if they said, “oh I don’t care” then they either need to suck it up and deal with the decision or speak up.  #sorryimnotsorry.  Anyways, when my friend Laura suggested going out to lunch, I knew she would have excellent suggestions.   Continue reading

A Little Taste of Summer

I certainly hope y’all enjoyed a slice of pie yesterday to celebrate Pi(e) day.  It was March 14, thus 3.14 representing the math number pi.  Anyways, who thought to put Lent smack dab in the middle of pi day, March/St. Patty’s Shamrock Shakes and Girl Scout Cookies?  Just kidding, I probably shouldn’t be indulging in any of that right now anyway.  There are plans in the making to experiment with recipes recreate these indulgent goodies in the near future.  Also, I should probably focus on my java habits which certainly keep me wired and going through dead week and finals. Continue reading

WIAW #29 – Girl Scout Cookies for ME?

Boy do I wish I had some Girl Scout Cookies around. Ok, maybe not because they would serve as a constant distraction and I would end up consuming the entire box, but one can dream, right? I was totally a Girl Scout from kindergarten until senior year and even worked to receive my Gold Award.  No worries, I did receive it, I just had to emphasize that we actually worked for it and it wasn’t delivered on a silver platter as some people believe. Continue reading

Friday and Weeknight Meals Meals

Oh good, the Giants won.  (Sarcasm).  I guess I should be happy since I live most of the year in Northern California (totally Giant’s territory) but I will forever be a Dodgers fan.  True Blue for LIFE! Maybe they will kick it into gear next year.  I can only hope.  So, since things are not looking to good for the boys in blue, let’s move onto the next subject.  FOOD.  Are you surprised? Continue reading

WIAW#7 – Busy Bee

The great thing about school is that there are so many people out and about and so many things to get involved with that there is no opportunity to be bored.  That is of course if you decide to sign yourself up for practically everything like I did. Continue reading

WIAW #3 – Wheel Food Edition

So I have to say the highlight of today’s food happened to be my dinner.  Well, maybe that’s a lie because I did enjoy a pretty delicious breakfast and lunch, but dinner was quite a treat.  Every Wednesday throughout the summer, Jones Coffee Shop in Pasadena hosts a “Wheel Food Wednesday.” Somehow about 4-6  where about 4-6 different food trucks maneuver their way onto the tiny Pasadena parking lot for people to enjoy the fiery, greasy, healthy and tasty food.  There is usually a sweets cart and sometimes a truck that also makes an appearance, but we will get to that in a bit. For now, let’s move onto Jenn’s creation of sharing what we all ate during the day.  Why? Because it’s fun 🙂

Breakfast – I’ve gotten somewhat out of my normal morning rut, partly due to the delicious homemade grape jam I obtained (check back in two days for more info).  This morning’s display included oatmeal, Chobani Greek plain yogurt, jam, and the summer’s best fruit – peaches, banana, and strawberries. I paired it with the remaining dregs of coffee left from my mom’s batch, so thank you mother.  I was pretty stuffed by the time the oatmeal was consumed, but made enough room to snack on a couple of mini zucchini/banana muffins – just to top off the morning right. Only problem was they were consumed before I could gather the photographic evidence.  You’ll just have to take my word for their deliciousness.

I ended up working right through my normal lunch hour and didn’t realize what time it was until my stomach started growling. I packed myself a batch of leftover quinoa (quinoa, pesto, tomatoes), with mixed greens, extra tomato, avocado, vinegrette, along with TJ’s green tea and applesauce.  I was still hungry, so I reached for my bag of celery and carrots.  Emphasis on the healthy lunch so I can splurge at tonight’s dinner 🙂 I made the quinoa last night with one of my long time friends, Kristin.  We have known each other for awhile but just got back in touch.  It was great because we both love finding healthy vegetable recipes to make and consume, but have to twist our families arms in order to do so and are often made fun of in the process.  Lesson, don’t tell your family the ingredients of what they are eating until they are finished.  🙂

Now onto dinner.  I made an appearance to last year’s WFW, but didn’t seem to get around to it this year until today, the absolutely LAST WFW of the summer.  By now I hope you are aware of the multiplicity of options that food trucks offer.  Not only are there hundreds of different trucks, but each truck seems to have at least five different options from the most gourmet and outrageous combination of ingredients to the plainest of plain.  I’m sure even the pickiest eaters would be able to satisfy their hunger and maybe even sweet tooth.

Regular, curly, and sweet potato with all sorts of sauces. We all know the real winner here…SWEET POTATO

We went for the Grilled Cheese Truck and out of all the selections, both ordered the “Fully Loaded,” mine on wheat and my mom’s on French.  Jone’s Coffee was pretty packed and the lines certainly were no exception.  It probably took us a good 20 minutes to wait to order, then another 10-15 to get our sandwiches, but it was well worth it.  Most of the tables were taken, but sitting on a curb wasn’t such a bad alternative.  When we went back to pick up dessert from the Paradise cookie truck, most other people had a similar idea, so we were stuck waiting in line again. I have no complaints, especially as we licked the bowl clean. 🙂

All the cookies are made fresh right on board.  Not so sure about the ice cream, but it too is pretty darn fresh.

Butterscotch Cookie – Strawberry Ice Cream – Coconut & Walnut Cookie

Signing off for this Wednesday with a glass of milk, a glass of water, and Pretty Little Liars.