Life of Late ~ 7.15.16

This week felt like it lasted an eternity.  I think it’s due to the fact that I’m leaving today for a two week vacation – a vacation that includes LOTS of outdoor activities and very minimal screen time.  Part of me is bummed that I’m not venturing up to Canada with a majority of November Project peeps for the annual NP_Summit, but come on, Alaska is pretty tough to pass up on.

In other news, next week officially begins the start of the 16-week training plan for the 2016 New York City Marathon.  I have been going through the plan that my Virtual Trainer set up and then inputting notes into a custom excel document.  #typeAproblems.  I have a goal in mind but I also want to take it one step at a time and reevaluate as necessary.  To be honest, those long runs look quite daunting when written in excel, but I know that with a little help from the running community (so basically all of my NP friends that are also running), we can get this done.


^^  New York has started up Monday workouts with last Monday featuring Indiana Jones sprints across the Manhattan Bridge.  I’m not sure how many I can attend if I really want to stick to my training schedule, but it was an excellent workout and clutch for that NYC hill training.



^^ Of course I do socialize with friends in other ways than working out. It may not appear that way on the blog but hey, here we are dressed up (well with the exception of makeup because I was just lazy)


^^ NYC East Village’s Veselka ~ Ukranian food, famous pierogis, and bucket list check!

Digiday ~ “Pokemania Rages and Nintendo Brand Soars” ~ With Pokemon turning 20 years old, the Nintendo Franchise is celebrating with a BOOM.  That boom is called Pokemon Go and this augmented reality game is taking over like a storm.  In one way, it’s great that people are exploring their communities with this game (you search for Pokemon in various locations) buuut it has also led some users to not so tactful locations such as Holocaust Museum and Poland’s Auschwitz Memorial.  Yeah, not so cool.

Huffington Post ~ “For the Record” ~ You go Jennifer Aniston

Sometimes Always Never ~ “Friendships at 29 vs. 24” ~ While I’m only 25, I feel as though these posts speak to me more than others.  I am constantly meeting new people, experiencing life in different ways than I would have predicted and as a result, some of my friendships inherently ebb and flow.  Some friends go in and out of connection, drifting away from what originally brought us together, and yet there are others that resurface later in life.  “I’ve learned that it’s important that we create space for one another to grow.” (source)


PureWow ~ “Things a Foodie Would Never Do” ~ Good to note. The chef probably did things for a reason.

Buzzfeed ~ “The Most Popular Ice Cream Shops By State” ~ Yes this is subjective but hey, Sunday is National Ice Cream Day.  So sure, a road trip to every national park is cool, but what if it was supplemented with a tour of all the best ice cream shops??  Do I need to remind you what Sunday is?  Get pumped.

Great Big Story ~ “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream” ~ Solid East Village, NYC pop-cultures inspired selection and good story (<2 min video)



^^ A little bit of speedwork at Tuesday’s Party With Purpose 5K.  It was a fun race run in Hoboken, stacked with November Project folks, and some very attractive people.  Some of my friends were going to try to PR and win the $250 gift card from Tracksmith and spoiler – they did!


It was a otherwise typical race for me where I thought about running an easy race, but actually jetted out like a bat out of hell.  Garmin clocked me around 22:34, which wasn’t good enough for a PR but still a solid effort.


I’m going to be MIA around the blog for a few weeks as my goal for vacation is to go as technology-free as possible.  But, I am addicted to Instagram so that will most likely updated on the daily.  What can I say, I’m a millennial.

Enjoy the weekend!

Down to D.C. For Some Blossoms and Miles

One of the many wonderful (and one of my favorite) things about spring is the wide variety of flowers blooming all around.  Even in this concrete jungle, we have our own array of floral but this past weekend was a treat to travel down to Washington D.C..  A few of my friends and I had all lucked out with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler lottery, so of course we decided to make a weekend out of it.


There are a number of ways to make your way down to D.C. – bus, train, car, plane – and we opted for the speedy Amtrak.  Of course by the time that we booked out tickets, the only reasonable priced train was at 6am.  Hello Penn Station. Just three and a half short hours and we were there.  First stop was of course food and off to Founding Farmers we went.  Since this place is one hot spot in the city, a reservation is a must.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

IMG_8418 IMG_8410 ^^ A stacked menu that left us drooling and deliberating over options.  We of course had to start with the beignets for the table, drinks all around, and countless refills of coffee.


~ bloody mary for jackie {infused pepper vodka, FF spicy bloody mary blend…tested this and it was out of this world} ~ strawberry fizz {american harvest vodka, lime, strawberry, egg white, vanilla} for me ~ mimosa for lindsay ~ pimm’s cup for sam {pimm’s no. 1, curacao, FF ginger beer, lime, cucumber, mint} ~


Once breakfast was finished, we dropped off our bags where we were staying and went to pick up our bibs at the National Building Museum, perused the goodies and things that we really didn’t need to purchase, and purchase some last minute fuel options (Honey Stinger for the win!)



Next up…walking ALL OVER D.C.!  This was the first time that Jackie had ever been to D.C. and so I did my best as tour guide to show her the hotspots.  No, I did not walk backwards or carry a little tour guide flag, but I sure thought about it.  Since everyone else and their mom happened to be in the city, museums were out of the question – lines on lines on lines.  Plus it was such a gorgeous day that staying indoors would have been a waste of the weather.

IMG_8432 IMG_8433

IMG_8458 IMG_8438 IMG_8448 We also happened to stumble upon a kite festival and supposed pillow fight.  I never actually saw anyone chucking feather filled sacks around but the geo-filters on Snapchat were telling us otherwise.  Because everything is shared and confirmed via social media these days.




~ Lindsay ~ Jackie ~ Sam ~ Kaitlin ~


IMG_8463IMG_8465 We must have been up to at least 6 or 7 miles at this point.  Casual jaunt around town, which may not have been the best idea if we were really going out for a PR in Sunday’s race buuuuut since it was more about soaking in the city, we didn’t care.


Later in the afternoon we walked up to a sports bar in the Adams Morgan part of town.  The goal was to find a place with decent food, maybe some good brews, and most importantly a place to sit and rest our feet while watching the Final Four matches.  Of course the minute we arrive, the electricity went out ALL around the block.  This actually worked in our favor as people then departed the bar, leaving us with one clutch table to sit at.  For the next three hours, we sat snacking and watching Villanova annihilate Oklahoma, and then North Carolina take on Syracuse.


Stay tuned for the chilly Cherry Blossom 10 mile race and a tasty brunch!

Life of Late ~ 1.8. 16

Welcome back to the grind!  Who is already sick of winter? Well, I guess it’s tough luck and we have to suck it up and be #weatherproof.  My chilly arrival into JFK on Tuesday morning was not exactly ideal.  Hm, -6F?  Please send me on a plane to Hawaii where I can braid hair, be a dolphin trainer, and somehow start and organization business.  #lifegoals.

But really, speaking of life goals, what are some of your dream jobs?  I’ve been brainstorming and there are so many elements of roles that I would love to do but can’t exactly pinpoint which role or company would be “the dream”.  So until then, we keep calm and carry on.

IMG_4319 ^^ Thought I would recap a little bit since I left you with just a recap of 2015.  NYE was uneventful to say the least – watching college football at home (aka a blowout) and then battling for the remote to watch CNN’s ball drop at 9pm (working on a east coast new year’s time).  Then it was into bed so Meghan and I could wake up and make it to NP_LAX >> the BEST way to start of a new year.

Of course Meghan was crushing it as she ran along with one of the former co-leaders Orrin and another speedy girl (I say speedy because she runs a 3:03 marathon…yep) and I don’t think the girl was all too pleased that Meghan could keep up.


^^ Brunching on New Year’s Day.  A bunch of NP folks were headed to breakfast but Madre and Bodie were waiting back at home to watch the Rose Parade and we couldn’t bail last minute.  So, it was gourmet waffles made by the Megnan and photo by yours truly.  Yes, this might have been filtered but it looks good and tasted even better, so there.

IMG_4335^^ How about that Pasadena Spanish architecture??

I met up with a friend for a yoga class at the Valley Hunt Club and after 90 minutes of semi-torture (I really haven’t been stretching and it showed during class), we continued our outing at Corner Bakery, sitting and catching up for almost two hours!  It’s the absolute best feeling when you may not see friends for awhile but when you meet up, it’s like nothing ever changed.

Young and Rungry ~ “TOL – Body shaming, diets, and you do you” ~ Truth.  Even adore the part of the title >> “You do you”

Well + Good ~ “10 Foods for Happiness” ~ Because who doesn’t want to be happy? (slowly learning to like beets…)

Medium ~ “Stop Rushing Life” ~ Read again and again and again.

AdAge ~ “Super Bowl Top 50 Ad Countdown” ~ With February 7th right around the corner, AdAge took a look at some of the top creatives that have aired.  Boy, there are some brilliant minds out there!

Greatist ~ “Expectation Hangover” ~ Because I sometimes feel like every day has to be the best day ever and I always have to love everything that I do and that I have my dream job.  Spoiler, that’s setting yourself up for disappointment.  Instead, take things in stride and enjoy little accomplishments as well as the big ones.


^^ One last meal before the Whole30 begins…emphasis on as much cheese as possible.  This was a lovely sister trip to Lemonade at the Americana in Glendale before we saw the movie Sisters.  I’d say it was funny but not exactly worth $15.  They definitely used all the funny scenes in the previews.  What we should have done was go and see Star Wars again.


^^ Oh hey! It’s me!  A bunch of us went to intervals in the park prior to the holidays and we managed to make the NYRR homepage.  Anyone care for an autograph? 😉  But really in terms of running, I have a few races this year and while I’d love to set personal records, I am instead throwing out a goal to stay healthy, not get injured, and successfully finish the New York Marathon this November.  Running with my friends at November Project and intervals in Central Park or the track should help with speed, but hopefully this Whole30 trial will provide some assistance and insight into recovery as well.

Well, that’s all for now.  Look like it’s going to be a low key weekend with running (run cheer the NYRR 10K), yoga, food exploration, and Sunday’s warm rain (in the 60’s woohoo!).  Food prep is also a big priority since eating out in the cafeteria (despite being discounted) isn’t exactly budget friendly.


(photo creds to Brian H. from NP)

What’s on tap for your weekend?  Do you usually relax or try to fill up your schedule?

The Brooklyn Half Marathon

It’s funny because when I told a few people that I had run the Brooklyn half, they were utterly surprised.  They told me that they hadn’t read anything about it here, or even heard me talk about it.  Well, for once in my life, I’ve been able to keep my mouth shut.  Ok, let me rephrase this – I’m really good about keeping other people’s secrets, but I’m pretty much an open book and so nothing really stays under-wraps for long. 😉

I had a good friend who had signed up on time and was training for her first half.  As I helped train with her – from track workouts to long runs – I threw around the idea of running the race with her.  Since it was sold out, I thought I would be able to get away with just popping in after the start and out before the finish.  Oh I would have been so disappointed if I did this.  They had official check-ins with metal detectors and bib officials.  Good call, Kaitlin.


But let’s take a few steps back (but really…).  Even though I though about running the race, it wasn’t until last Monday that I actually decided to do it.  I managed to get a bib and when I picked it up on Friday the 16th, I knew I was locked in.  I got to Friday’s happy hour and went right ahead with a glass of water.  When a few coworkers asked, I mentioned that I had decided to run a half marathon the next day.  They laughed and gave me a hard time that of course I would just decided to do such a thing.  Oh the things we runners put ourselves through.

Saturday arrived with a bright and early wake up call.  Oh how I don’t envy the people who get up at 5am every day.  Well, I actually admire you for doing that because boy, it’s tough.


I met my friend Carmen at the subway only to realize the weekend and pre-normal hour schedule meant scattered and delayed subways. Cool.  We made it onto the 1 train and headed down to Brooklyn.  As you can see the platforms were PACKED and all of us practically pushed our way into the cars.  I felt bad for many of the people at further stations because there was absolutely no room to join and they just had to sit and wait.

There’s something magical and nerve-racking about getting ready for a race.  So many people with their own pre-race routines, different types of runners, etc.


One of the main reasons I wanted to run this race was to catch a glimpse of Brooklyn.  As you probably notice from most of my posts, I don’t get off the island much.  I wanted to be able to see the different boroughs and what better way to do that than run?

IMG_4337Of course I would be running FAR behind these speedy people.  This was the starting line of the entire race I’m sure they zipped their way through the parks and streets as if it were just a casual long run.


The last few miles were along the road pictured above, which also happened to remind me of home with the wide streets and houses spread out (relatively) along the road. 

Carmen started in the wave ahead of me so it was just me, the road, and my playlist for the next two hours (hopefully less…). Even though I told Carmen that I usually start out on the slower side, I realized this was far from true.  Adrenaline kicks in and I’m ready to race.  I had a solid 5, 6, and even seven first miles.  I started to amaze myself when I still felt strong around mile 8 and 9 but all good things come to an end and that would be mile 10.  Oh boy, not to be too dramatic but I did feel like crashing or passing out around this time.

I allowed myself to merge over to the aid station and try my luck with a goo and a bit of Gatorade.  I was going to try to persevere without it but knew I needed a bit of energy, however artificial it might be.  Only bummer about this was that I had to slow down to a slight stop in order to choke it down and then it took me a hundred yards or so to get back to speed.

Sure I went to bed thinking, hm, how could I have cut off the rest of that time?  Could I have pushed it more? Skipped out on the aid station? Who knows and as I think back to how I actually felt, I think I did give it my all and I’m proud of that.  Mile 10 was death and I definitely needed that fuel.  I normally don’t eat or drink during races (terrible, I know) since I have a finicky stomach and never practiced eating on the run.


Well, for not really planning to run the race, I managed to power through those last three miles, onto the Coney Island boardwalk, and a personal best time!  I just barely missed a sub 1:40 time but was very happy with my effort.  That whole frustration with having larger than model quads?  I guess I have to thank my body for carrying me this far!

IMG_4349My oh so lovely announcement of a PR on Instagram – 1:41:05!  I normally don’t do selfies but just couldn’t resist. (P.S. this was so NOT a NYC bagel…disappointment)

IMG_4350 Carmen had brought along a few mini bottles to celebrate the finish.  Not exactly the best (maybe decent for 23-year olds and only costing $1) but fun in theory.  Shoutout to Carmen for her 1st half and running it in 1:40:09!!  She was a sprinter in college and killed it in her first race!

A better way to celebrate (at least in my mind) is with a delicious post-race meal!  Nathan’s seemed to be the location of choice for everyone and their extended family.  The wait was probably 45+ minutes but it was worth it.  Maybe it was my hunger but the hot dog + fries + lemonade hit the spot.


I’ll have to come back to sample some of the other items and of course write up a decent review.  There’s so much character down in Coney Island that one has to spend almost an entire day soaking it in.

IMG_4364 I was too wrapped up in the end of the race and thrill of the day.  How can you blame me with views like this?  Especially after the winter that never seemed to end.  Oh and I forgot to mention that this comes 12 hours after flash flood warnings.  Yep, east coast you are quite the character.


As I said, I will definitely be back to do another round of explorations and write-ups but for now, revel in the sun, the surf, and the gorgeous spring day.


 “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”
– Vincent Lombardi

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