From 2017 to 2018, Just Show Up

This year has been a blur in many ways.  Heck, the last four months have been a blur and it really wasn’t until Tuesday while in line at In ‘N Out that 2017 started to soak in.  Typically my strokes of brilliance strike when I’m running, in the shower, or driving for long stretches of time but I guess waiting for food works too.   First tangent (or as my Dad corrected me, “vector”…but that’s a conversation for another day and I’m going to continue to use “tangent”) is that despite being back for 4 months, this was the first time having In ‘N Out and I wasn’t super super impressed.  Does that make me a bad Californian?

Anyways, back to 2017.  I’m a very Type-A person that loves lists, but hates to assign big goals for fear that I won’t accomplish them and be considered a failure. Well, after following a few bloggers that I respect, I decided to take the plunge and list some things out.  Last year I was super inspired by this NPer’s post in 2016 and tried to mirror some of it.  Ok, some of it is directly taken from her but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

>> Focus on the present more, worry about the future less ~ make more eye contact and look at your phone less ~ chill more, stress less ~ listen more, talk less ~ accumulate less material things and take on more experiences ~ play big ~ be more YOU ~ say yes to more opportunities and worry less about outcomes << 

Then I caved and made a few concrete list items because well, Type-A:

  • Learn to run for fun (while also attempting to reduce the amount of #RBF)
  • Volunteer or spend more time with what you are passionate about
  • Work hard and stay humble
  • Run marathon #2
  • Find a new job
  • Relocate to California
  • Watch the Boston Marathon (again)
  • Travel more
  • Do the work

If I list it out by the numbers and scroll through my pictures (<< because content everything) or attempt to piece it together through my sporadic blog posts, I think the last 12 months were a smashing success.

~ November Project NYC and BRTC (bEAST river track club) workouts in rain, snow, and sunshine ~ celebrating Chinese New Year ~ snow days and almost getting stuck in a snowpocalypse (I’ve had my fill of snow for awhile…) ~ training for marathon #2 in the dead of winter ~ bagel sandwiches for days ~ Nashville for Lindsay’s birthday ~ #runtoeat and city explorations ~ quick trip to Philly for a half ~ running the streets of Paris with Maura (then making a pact we wouldn’t sign up for another for some time) ~ watching the Boston Marathon for the 2nd time in person ~

~ Gallivanting around Central Park for my 26th birthday with my favorite people and following it up with too much rose in a dog-friendly bar ~ agreeing to run 21 miles in the Cape Cod Ragnar ~ November Project Summit in Boston MA + family visit to NYC ~ Macy’s 4th of July fireworks ~ girl’s trip to the swampland of Washington D.C. ~ saying so long to the Big Apple and hello to the city of stars ~ participating in Questival (24 hour scavenger hunt) ~ long runs with Republic ~ Hiking our way through Peru ~ Watch the Dodgers get SO close to winning the World Series ~ Exploring Los Angeles and making new friends with November Project Los Angeles ~ Quick trip to San Francisco for the North Face Endurance Challenge ~

2017 By the Numbers
25 books (or 26 if I finish another one this weekend…)
8+ unique travel destinations
1 new job
8 running races (+ a couple relays)
1 fresh half marathon PR
Endless experiences


Now for 2018.  Just Show Up. 

The phrase “Just Show Up” has a special place in my heart and life.  Sure, for those of you who have been to November Project, the phrase is practically the face of the movement.  People get scared off and think that they have to be in tip-top shape but that’s SO not the case.  It is a free fitness group that welcomes people in of all fitness levels and builds a community in a hustle and bustle world that so often leaves people isolated or high and dry.  If anything, what do you have to lose?  So

But beyond showing up to a workout, the phrase reminds me to show up in life.  Be the best person I can be.  Be kind.  Reach out and ask if people need help.  Ask for help when needed (something I am NOT good at).  Be present and so on.  Some of the below are recycled from 2017 but hey, if they are that good, why remove them?  Plus, I still have eons to learn.

  • Say yes to more opportunities, worry less about the outcome
  • Be bold, fear less
  • Ask for help (something I need to learn how to do)
  • Yoga + strength 1x per week
  • Eat more greens, eat less sweets
  • Channel optimism/excitement over regret/fear
  • Focus on eye contact and less on screen time
  • Travel more
  • Spend more time with people and less time on your phone
  • Explore your surroundings (#LAdventures)
  • Think outside the box #plancoolshit (pardon my French…swear less shoooould be on the list…)
  • Be unapologetically you
  • Just Show Up

Fitness wise, I’m really going to hone in on this November Project community.  Sure I want to sit down and brainstorm some goals for the Los Angeles tribe but today I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – write out my personal fitness goals for the world wide web to see.  Actually, my fellow co-leader already did that in a  goals-oriented post last week but I’ve re-written them on my race page and will probably post them for myself on the wall next to my bed.

Oh and there’s something special on the calendar for next year – the Chicago Marathon.  Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to be selected in the lottery, I had my heart on the race and opted to fundraise for a charity called Marley’s Mutts.  This is a non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates death row dogs from Kern County’s high-kill animal shelters.   I will be fundraising over the next 9 or so months and would love your support if you are so inclined to donate (Marley’s Mutt’s Chicago Team Page Here).  Additionally, if the timing with work and November Project work out, I will try to document the journey like I did with my 2016 NYCM.  Buuuut, that’s a few months away and a million memories to create in between.

So there you have it.  I kept my promise to myself to recap 2017 and set out some goals for 2018.  I’ve been riding the high of the last three months – a new job, meeting so many amazing people, exploring new locations and enjoying the daily variety of workouts.  Alright 2018, let’s make this year/life great and #JUSTSHOWUP.

IMG_7593 2

“Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Life of Late ~ 12.16.16

Ho ho ho, the holidays are in full throttle with less than 1 week to go until Christmas Day. I must be losing it because I originally published this as the 15th not 16th.  That has been updated. Well, I personally like the build up to the actual day of Christmas best but that’s just because when Christmas is over, we enter this dreary season of January and February chill.  Anyways, both Christmas and  Hanukkah happen fall around the same time period, which means celebrations at the same time for most people in the city!  Our apartment is all decked out with a baby tree, stockings, Hershey’s candy, and pine-scented candles (though my mother does not approve). 😉  Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on in NYC this week.

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Life of Late ~ 2.19.16

You know when your brain seems to be fried from staring at the same screen for hours on end?  How about if it’s fried and you haven’t even begun working yet?  Yep to both of those.  I’m trying to finish a final ad sales planner presentation and for every one slide that I work on, I seem to need 20 minutes break.  Fingers crossed it all goes as planned.  Well, thankfully it’s also Friday and since we had a last-minute client dinner last night, I was able to wiggle my way into work a few minutes after my normal 8:30 arrival.  Winning.


^^ Running running, same idea, different day and different crowd.  This was from Tuesday’s intervals crowd.  I ran up through the slush and ice and was not at all impressed but after a total of 6 slow miles, I was glad to have a workout under my belt.


^^ Also from Tuesday.  My attempt to finish the November Project homework – wear your buff or photograph your buff in your city in some creative way.  Cue anxiety trying to figure out how to top the most amazing pictures from tribes around the country and world.  Just search “NP_Homework” in Instagram and you will be impressed.

While it was fun to be away last weekend, I realized how much I love my city and my routine.  A low-key night tonight (really catching up on all that sleep that I lost this last week), a few training runs for next weekend’s Phoenix Half Marathon, possibly yoga, brunch squeezed in there, and volunteering on Sunday with New York Cares.

We also have to spruce up the kitchen in our apartment since one roommate left and she owned pretty much every single item in there.  Lindsay and I laughed because when we arrived back from North Carolina (coincidence that we were both there last weekend!) it looked like a scene out of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  Analogy credits to Linds!  Anyways, that means a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and as long as I don’t get too overwhelmed, I’m all game.

The Blissful Balance ~ “Where to Eat in Phoenix” ~ OH MY GOODNESS GORGEOUS.  I want to go to all of these places.  Absolutely adore this post and so excited for Phoenix next weekend 🙂


^^ I adore walking around my neighborhood and passing classics such as this Ukranian eatery. Veselka always seems to be packed and is known for its borscht & pierogi.  Thankfully I know it’s not going anywhere and luckily this cheap eatery is open 24 hours a day.


APlus ~ “Strangers Wrote Their Biggest Regrets…They All Used The Same Three-Letter Word” ~ CLEAN SLATE

Skyscanner ~ “Travel Tips for Solo Female Travelers” ~ Hm.  Maybe I should take the plunge and take a solo trip.  But then I do love traveling with people.  I just also need my me time.

Puckermob ~ “30 Things You Never Thanked Your Grandma For” ~ Cue tears.  I’m blessed to have all four of my grandparents in my life but sometimes it’s tough being so far away as they get older.  Yes, all four of you guys are reading this and I love you 🙂

NYTimes ~ “At U.S. Olympic Trials, Two Marathoners Use Teamwork to Become Teammates” ~ Talk about amazing.

The Infatuation ~ “Llama Inn” ~ I just want to go because of the name.



^^ When your friends sign up for races and see your picture on the website.  WOOHOO! Thanks Mom for sending me my jersey last year.  I’ll start signing autographs 😉


Hey, hey a short post today!  Don’t worry, I’ll bombard you with photos after next weekend’s trip to Phoenix. Have a wonderful weekend all!