Life of Late ~ 4.15.16


Have you ever wavered between decisions, weighing out the options, only to choose the more comfortable route?  Lately I have found that it is really easy to stay routed in my routine or to simply stay where it’s comfortable.  Wake up, workout, work, and come home to watch some television show (currently hooked on Jane the Virgin).  Yes, “me time” is very important but there is also room to test the boundaries.

You never know what you might find, right?  That’s how this blog really came about.  Sure it was my way of filling the summer of 2012 if I didn’t find an internship, but it became so much more.  It has become a form of accountability, a way of sharing my travels and explorations.


^^ This is another form of accountability – our weekly speed crew.  Flashback to this week’s workout where we barely missed the rain, ran around the reservoir and were rewarded with some donuts

IMG_6476^^ Not very attractive, yet reflective of the places our tribe travels.  I’m pretty sure I was chatting with my friend Melissa (who shares the same birthday) and discussing where we should suggest the Friday workout location…so we can select an epic birthday brunch location.  Goals.

cherry blossom

^^ I actually think this one isn’t half bad.  Running pictures are hit or miss and I’ve learned to throw up a shaka and attempt to smile when you see the camera.  This may have been on the back half of the course where the wind was brutally whipping around.  I also recall passing a table with free beer and oreos.  While I didn’t grab anything, I did consider those oreos…my stomach thanked me for not doing so.


^^ A delicious Collagen recovery protein power, which to be honest I was curious to sample out and have to say, it wasn’t half bad.  I dabbled in protein powders during my senior year of college (mostly attempts to lose weight but that failed since I would drink the shake and eat my meal) but haven’t tested since.  I don’t like it when powders are chalky or have a clumpy texture, but that was not a problem here!

I even enlisted a couple of friends from November Project to help me test it as well and they were huge fans!  One clutch combination for dinner was banana, frozen blueberries / blackberries / raspberries, cashew milk and the protein powder.  Boom.  Game changer.


^^ a little bit of throoooooowback.  twin stars will always shine ~ “When a Feminist Pledges a Sorority” ~ I haven’t really talked about my time in Greek life, but I was a Theta (Kappa Alpha Theta).  I learned quite a lot during those four years in college and have to say, I was, am, and will always be proud to be a Theta.

Sometimes Always Never via Elite Daily ~ “How I Taught Myself to Love in a World Full of Likes” ~ In a way, this is another reminder to live in the moment, allow ourselves to love, and not stress so much about making things perfect.

PureWow ~ “The Best Ice Cream in Every Single State” ~ I scream, you scream, can’t we all have some ice cream?  I missed out on Tuesday with Ben & Jerry’s Free cone day or rather I decided to not stand in an endless line for a melting scoop.  Now that I have this list, maybe I’ll try to hit up a few spots on my way to Boston for Marathon Monday.

Let’s Talk Career ~ “Life Is Short – Don’t Be Lazy” ~ Truth.

Well + Good ~ “If You’re Approaching Burnout by 30, You’re Not Alone” ~ Shoutout to my famous friend Ali! ~ “Farewell to Kobe Bryant” ~ I never really got into pro basketball but growing up in LA, I have to side with the Lakers.  His career is definitely a piece of history – something that we were able to witness. ~ National Parks to Offer Free Admission April 16-24 ~ Get out and explore!!


^^ And this is how I feel lately.  (Thanks to Tricia for finding this shirt ^).  Yet I keep running and pushing myself.  I have been telling myself that I should take it easy or take a break but does that happen?  Nooooope.  I even complained about feeling tired yet again to a friend at NP and she said “haven’t you said that for the last 8 months?”  Ah good point.  Well, I’m continuously in a cycle of guilt and wanting to participate (and often race) EVERYTHING.

I may have mentioned that I am testing out Inside Tracker and just got my results back this week.  Turns out I am uber low on iron.  Good job Kaitlin.  That might be one of the reasons I’m always tired.  But more on that later.


(source & inspired by flower trends )

^^ For now I will focus on the sun and surf because that’s where I’d rather be right about now.  Please send this crazy hot/cold weather away and bring me a tropical drink by the sand.  Also, I’ve totally bookmarked this arrangement for a future party because flowers look so much better when arranged in a pineapple.


The next few days are all about running and November Project (shocker).  It all starts with a bit of Brooklyn Half training and then up to Boston to workout with the NP Tribe and watch Boston Marathon!  I promise I’ll swing around with some posts that aren’t so running heavy but for now, have a wonderful weekend!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill


Life of Late ~ 2.12.16

You know that time I said that the weather hadn’t been too bothersome?  Well I swear that I must have jinxed myself because we have had quite a few flurries, bouts of snow, and chilly chilly days.  Today is dipping into the 20’s and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder!  But, thankfully I’ll be jet-setting my way to Charlotte, North Carolina where it’s only in the 30’s and 40’s. 🙂  I really should send some of this cold air to the west coast where the less than desirable temps will be bearing down on the runners during Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon.  I say not really desirable because running in 80+ weather just sucks.  Now if it were in the 60’s and low 70’s, that’s a different story.  Anyways, happy Friday to all and the beginning of a long weekend. Here we go with some Friday fun.

In the theme of Valentine’s Day, I am sharing one of the gorgeous shots that my roommate helped style this last weekend:


^^ But really, how amazing of a photo is this?
~ Poached Pear Recipe from Food Network ~ Table setting by Pier1, Plates by Anthropologie ~ Photography by Evan Foster, Styling by Hope Christina White (Death By Stilettos) and Kristi Hunter ~


^^ When in doubt, spin it out.  A little reminder from last Sunday’s SoulCycle that when you find your tribe, you’ll thrive.


^^ Thankfully I have friends who accept me for who I am.  Full crazy and all.  Thanks BHsia for capturing my best angle.

Pure Wow ~ “The World’s 16 Best Desserts EVER” ~ Lucky enough to have tried New Orlean’s Beignets, Portugal’s Pastel de Nata, and England’s Sticky Toffee Pudding buuut LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD NOW OK?  Who’s with me?


C’est Christine ~ “If I don’t belong here, then where?” ~ Thoughts from one California girl to another. I think we both agree that there is this internal desire to be in California but also to be in New York and every other place of the world.

Buzzfeed ~ “How to Snapchat Like Teens” ~ Wow.  Recall when teens were obsessed with Facebook (uploading album after album of photos), and then it was Instagram, and now it’s Snapchat.

The Huffington Post (Video) ~ “Violet The Rejected Goat Takes On The World” ~ You go baby goat.

little things - found lost items

^^ We have a few people in our family who tend to mis-place items.  The classic line is “have you seen my…” 😉


Oh and Lent.  I’m a bit torn on the subject of religion – I find myself more on the edge of spiritual than full blown religious and was struggling to find purpose in idea of giving up something for Lent.  Usually I go with something superficial (and easy) and it becomes the Lenten diet.  Not the point.  But when I saw a friend post this, I thought “wow, that is a little closer to the purpose of Lent and I can commit to that.”

By the way of the home today of Lent, Pope Francis proposes 15 simple acts of charity that he has mentioned as specific manifestations of love:
1. Smile, a Christian is always cheerful!
2. Thank you (though not “should” do it).
3. to remind others how much you love them.
4. Welcome with joy to those people who you see every day.
5. to hear the story of the other, without prejudice, with love.
6. Stop to help. Be attentive to the one who needs you.
7. Cheer her up to someone.
8. Celebrate the qualities or success of another.
9. Select what you don’t use and give it away to anyone who needs it.
10. When help is needed to make another rest.
11. Correct with love, not shut up for fear.
12. Have good details with those who are close to you.
13. Clean up what I use at home.
14. to help others to overcome obstacles.
15. Phone call to your parents.

The best fasting.   You dare to fast in this lent?
• Fasts of hurtful words and transmits kind words
• Fasts of malcontents and fill of gratitude
• Fasts of anger and fill of meekness and patience
• Fasts of pessimism and have your fill of hope and optimism
• Fasts of concerns and have your fill of trust in God
• Fasts to complain. Have your fill of the simple things of life
• Fasts of pressures and have your fill of prayer
• Fasts of sorrow and bitterness and fill your heart with joy
• Fasts of selfishness and fill of compassion for others
• Fasts from lack of forgiveness and fill yourself with the attitudes of reconciliation
• Fasts of words and have your fill of silence and listen to the other

If we all try this fasting, everyday life will be full of:
Peace, trust, joy and life

IMG_5229 ^^ Because life is too short to not enjoy a doughnut once in awhile.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” ― Julia Child

Life of Late ~ 2.5.16

FriYAY!  Welcome to this corner of the world where I work and workout.  I have one more week and then it’s a wonderful three day weekend (thank you United States presidents) and I’ll be off to Charlotte!  But now, let’s start the day with some random links and a hodge-podge of pictures.


^^ Let’s all ooooo and aaaaaahhh over a non-filtered view of the Central Park reservoir.  I took it along my commute from speed intervals to work through the park.  Boy, I could never grow tired of this view – always putting a smile on my face, especially with all the ducks floating around.


^^ This week has been filled with desserts upon desserts upon desserts.  Ok, it really stems from the fact that I’ve been out on two client outings and one restaurant week dinner with Lindsay and each one included dessert.  How could I pass up on something so special?  To be honest, the cookie above was somewhat a disappointment – too crispy and grainy and crumbled too easily.  It should have been a biscoff or cookie butter cookie for sure.


^^ Dessert at Scarpetta was a MUCH better decision.  Most of the table went to town on the booze, but I decided to hold out for the last course and between the cheesecakes and valrhona chocolate cake, I was in seventh heaven.



^^ Because I run (workout) to eat.  And have fun.  And fulfill my social life.  Would you believe that the picture above and picture below were less than a week a part?  IT WAS 50F IN FEBRUARY!!!  I actually told myself that this winter would ultimately decide my fate and it’s not looking half bad.  Thank you global warming.

IMG_5101^^ How’s this for a meme?  See I can make fun of myself (though I actually made the meme…)  See, we are lucky to have pictures from NP workouts and I was secretly glad this was caught this on camera.  Shall I make it a dating profile?  Oh and in terms of running, I don’t want to jinx myself but the last few runs have actually felt really good. I’m not sure what the reason may be – maybe integrating bread back into the diet. 😉

Vimeo ~ “Telluride Avalanche Dogs” ~ You will finish this movie in tears and want a dog immediately.  I would love a golden doodle.

Refinery 29 ~ “How I Tripled My Savings in 3 Months

Goop ~ “The Lean Closet” ~ Please please please let me help! I love organizing and sorting!

Food and Wine ~ “12 Secrets of New York Central Park” ~ Oh one of my favorite places in the city.


^^ Tooooootally digging my new Lululemon running crew.  We have been meeting on Saturday mornings at 9am out in Brooklyn and so it has been perfect running around 4-5 miles over the Manhattan Bridge and then 4 more around Brooklyn with these folks.  I’ve even made a few more friends and learned of a few more good book titles to read!


^^ Though I don’t always have a need for syrup, I love strolling through our farmer’s markets to see the goods and how cute the packaging is.  Got to love that small town feel in the big city.


^^ NP Love.  Last week’s bridge day was tough but these gals made it worth it.  There are definitely those days where I’ve considered just sleeping in (yes my body actually might be asking for that) buuuuut I never regret going to NP.


That about wraps up another week of working out (oh and work) and epic views.  As for this weekend, I plan to see the latest Nicholas Sparks movie, go on a long run, test out a new breakfast spot (between the Egg Shop and Two Hands), dine out at Lilia in Williamsburg (SO EXCITED), and finish it off with some sort of viewing of the Super Bowl.

What are you up to this weekend?  Are you rooting for the Panthers or Broncos?



Life of Late ~ 12.23.15

So because I really like posting these little life of late posts, I’m setting mine up a couple days early.   I have been in a quasi-active posting mode, publishing posts on M/W/F and obviously a tad bit inactive the last few weeks.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Anyways, I figured not many people would be browsing the internet and checking on emails come Friday, so here we go.


^^ Second annual NP_NYC Carols with double the turnout from last year!  We met at Columbus Circle, divided into teams, and then went on a scavenger hunt through midtown.

IMG_3947One of the main reasons I love the New York workouts is that every Friday locations takes you to a new part of the city.  Oh, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be somewhere totally iconic.  Brooklyn Bridge?  Been there.  Columbus Circle? Done that.  Plus, waking up early to hang out with some of your friends?  How else would you want to start the weekend?


Oh the joy of client events…meet the “Sleigh Belles”


What in the world are we doing?  Well, completing a mega stair and deck-a-day workout in the WARM December night.  That’s right, New York may have just hit below the 40’s this week but in the last couple weeks, we had highs in the 60’s!  There were some days where it was warmer than Southern California in December.

IMG_3968Meet the NP_NYC Race crew.  This was from our last NYRR race of the year, the Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park.  I signed up relatively last minute and was happy with how it went.


Yes, I race with music.  Lately it has just been a necessity and if I could play a few of Bieber’s songs and “Lean On” on repeat, it would be a good day.  Overall, I’d say the 6.5 miles weren’t half bad.  The last few were a different story.  I still finished strong but need these next few weeks off from racing.


With a cheer squad like this, you are bound to have a strong finish.  Just knowing you will have people waiting there screaming for you makes a WORLD of difference.  Also note that we are all in shorts and tank tops.  It was that warm in mid-December.  Hello Global Warming.


With the last couple weeks in New York came lots of good times.  I scored four tickets to Jimmy Fallon and managed to see Tina Fey and Channing Tatum all in one day!


Apparently they are SUPER strict on the no cell phone rule inside the waiting room.  Strict as in they mentioned it at every opportunity they could over the course of two hours.

IMG_4036IMG_4019 It may not have been your typical New York December with temperatures in the 60’s but seeing things like this on my way to the gym definitely makes up for that.  After all, we need some decoration to make the season merry and bright, right?


^^ Another look at our mega turnout from NP Carols.  So many people were fascinated by us and were taking pictures and videos.  With our luck we will not only be in the Snapchat story but in someone’s scrapbooks. If people make those any more…

Business Insider ~ “Brothers who cofounded a $100 million company say this question their mom asked every night at dinner is what inspired their business” ~ Ask others about the good in their day rather than focusing on the bad.

I’m Begging My Mother To Not Read This Blog ~ “Fifteen Things for When the World is Shitty and Terrifying.” ~ Sorry about the language, but sometimes you have to keep things in perspective. I like the way she ends the post.  Do what you can.

Bananas for Balance ~ “An Honest Look at Body Image & Self-Talk” – Currently in the same boat and I love what she writes at the end “While I can make some exercise and nutrition changes to feel better, I also know that part of that process is loving my body for how it is today and all that it can do. End of story.

IMG_4140 ^^ When in doubt, explore what’s out there.  This was from Pho Show out in Brentwood/Los Angeles area.  So.darn.delicious.

New Yorker ~ “The Spiritual Life of the Long Distance Runner ~ “Why Rejection Hurts So Much – And What to Do About It” ~ I’m debating about whether to dedicate an entire post about this.  For now, here are my two cents.  Rejection hurts.  We’ve all experienced it in one form or another.  But here’s the thing – it makes us stronger and pushes us to be better.  Sure, things don’t always go your way, but as my yoga teacher said last week, that’s the point of life.  If things were always easy, life would be boring.

Great Big Story ~ “Fighting for the Starting Line: Chris Mosier’s Quest to Compete” ~ This is amazing because not only is it a part of the new CNN news platform (something my company created), but I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Chris through November Project.  Chris is the first transgender man to make one of the male national teams and he is by far one of the toughest athletes and pushes himself and others to their best.  Please take the time – it’s 2:22 minutes – to watch.


Meghan and I went to an ugly sweater party at a friend’s place last weekend and yes, they had a puzzle.  My sister is the queen of puzzles and so when one girl said “I don’t know if we are going to be able to finish this tonight, it’s just too complicated”, Meghan responded with “do not underestimate my powers” (points for whoever guesses where this line is from).  As you can see, it was a glorious success.  Although, there was some butthead who thought he was hot $hit and said “wow, what losers are doing a puzzle?”.  I glared at him in a nice fashion and said, my friends, and promptly went to help with the puzzle.  #rude


With that, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and see you on the other side (aka next week)

Sharing a Bit of Christmas Cheer

What a bright time, it’s the right time to rock the night away and write a little survey.  Inspired by Hayley’s blog post last week and filled with all the holiday cheer that comes at this time of year.

Christmas Survey

Eggnog or hot chocolate? – Hot chocolate all the way.  I tested out eggnog on Saturday (along with some smog not) and it just wasn’t my jam.

Multi-color tree lights or white? – White is quite nice because it carries a calming aesthetic but since we’ve grown up with the multi-colored lights, I have to go with tradition.  Obviously.


Do you hang mistletoe? – No, no, no.

When do you decorate for Christmas? – We try to get our tree the second or so weekend in December, just so that it lasts the entire season and doesn’t dry out.  As for decorations, they usually go up after Thanksgiving – depending on when we have time – or rather when my mom has time since my sister and I haven’t been living at home for the past few years.

 What is your favorite holiday dish? – Hmmm. Popovers? They are rare but delish.  Or peppermint bark.  I’m a new fan of the Holiday Flat White but that’s a commercialized dish.

Favorite holiday memory? – I love walking around Manhattan and seeing all the street lights, store windows, and decorated trees.  A new one is the NYC NP_Carols where we dress up and gallivant around the city singing carols (and even making the NYC Snapchat story)


What’s on your Christmas wish list? – I would really like an updated phone, especially since it’s my lifeline, my camera, my planner, etc.  Although, I’m not too picky.  Just time to relax and workout with the fam and no drama.

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? – Since we spend the afternoon and evening with my dad’s side of the family, we generally exchange a gift or two or open PJ’s from the Christmas Elves.

How do you decorate your tree? – This is my very first personal tree! I have a tradition of collecting ornaments on every trip that I go on or every year that I live in a new place.  For the past three years I have picked out a turquoise glazed ornament from the Union Square Christmas Market – each one depicting one of my favorite places around town.  So far I have Flatiron District, the East River Path, and the Williamsburg Bridge/One Tower.


Snow: love it or hate it? – Just for a little bit 🙂 I’m more of the sunny and 70 on Christmas morning kind of gal.  What can I say? I grew up in Southern California.


^^ More of the Christmas Eve view but you get the idea.  Hard life living in Southern California 😉  Remind me why I’m living in New York?

Real or fake tree? – Real!  We pick our tree out from the local YMCA lot every year.  This is probably more work than it needs to be since my mom spends most days worrying if it has enough water but we love doing it and it helps out the YMCA.  This year my mom surprised my sister and I with our own little fake tree from Crate & Barrel so that we could decorate it with our own ornaments and take it with us when we move.

Favorite Christmas movie? – Christmas with the Kranks or White Christmas. I have never been one to re-watch TV shows or movies but boy those two can play on repeat and I would never grow tired of them.  Also, Tim Allen is simply the man.  So darn funny.  I could also see my dad pulling a move like that, so it makes it even more hilarious.

Favorite holiday tradition? – Our traditions or schedule has been relatively unchanged over the years >> driving down to Laguna Beach on Christmas Eve to spend time with my dad’s side of the family, spend Christmas morning with a jog (usually Meghan and I roaming the streets), and then driving up to Santa Barbara to spend Christmas night with my mom’s side of the family.


^^ Lately we have been playing games on Christmas Eve and with a family of athletes and competitive individuals, it’s a hoot!

Favorite Christmas carol? – Mele Kalikimaka.  Because in my heart I live in Hawai’i.

Christmas morning tradition? – As mentioned above, my sister and I usually wake up and head off for a jaunt about town.  Something about working out in the morning, especially when the town is completely quiet makes the day special. Before setting out, we prep homemade cinnamon rolls and let it sit and rise.  Once back, we shower and usually jump back into pajamas, sit around the tree and open presents and eat our way through the cinnamon rolls.

IMG_7704_1024 ^^ Not a selfie around town but workout partners in crime.  We used to runt together on Christmas morning but our speeds have changed greatly so it might end up being a solo jaunt. 

Do you write Christmas cards? – I guess you could say we send them as a family and I often take charge of the writing the family letter.  There were a few years that my sister and I would send silly cards out simply because my dad wouldn’t let us take those goofy pictures.  We might pick up the tradition again if we live together down the road, but for now, it’s a family affair.

What are some of your favorite traditions??

Life of Late ~ 11.6.15

Keeping it short and sweet this week.  1 – It’s my half birthday.  Good times.  2 – I’m spending the weekend at home for a couple of high school friend’s wedding and then it’s back to NYC for a week and back to California for Thanksgiving.  3 – I booked my travels awhile ago and while it seemed like a good idea to take such a long time at home (+working in the LA office), of course all the fun events are just NOW getting scheduled. Ah well, live and learn.

For now, it’s a little R&R with the family, quality walks with the dog, and studying for that stupid media math test again.   Yep, I don’t like tests and tests don’t like me.  But I am grateful for the people I work with and their desire to help me grow and be a better sales planner.

IMG_3185^^ Last week’s impromptu outfits.  Twinning

IMG_3178^^ Food, food, food for days.  Taking a stroll through town led me to Broadway Bites – a selection of pop up restaurants selling everything from paella to pad thai, doughnuts to burritos.  While I didn’t end up buying anything, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of this Spanish selection, something that I was almost sure to find if I flew back to Barcelona right now.  Oh paella, patatas bravas, and churro


If you follow me on Instagram, you will surely see that I have gone overboard on pictures of fall and pictures from Sunday’s marathon.  No shame.  Just reliving some excellent weather and excellent memories.

IMG_2999 ^^ Last year I highlighted the Greenwich Village Bluestone Lane and its fabulous Aussie brunch.  But when word got out that there is a pop-up location around Bryant Park AND now at Central Park (outside Engineer’s Gate), I HAD to test it out. My life and my wallet have been changed.


^^ This is what I’m talking about.  Avocado toast with feta + prosciutto.  Who needs a Lenny’s sandwich when you have this?

IMG_3263^^ Early morning workouts in Central Park.  Last Friday’s November Project workout was at the Bethesda Fountain, right by the Boathouse.  While I do adore the hustle and bustle, sometimes the best moments are when there is practically no one awake and the sun is just starting to rise.  Oh and of course you are working out amongst your best friends 😉


^^ Fall brought to you by Central Park. Isn’t it lovely?

Strava ~ “The NYC Marathon” ~ Can’t get enough, right?  Check out some of our tribe members features in the article!  Woohoo Feeny and her first marathon!

Tech Insider ~ “I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to try this free workout — and I can’t wait to go back” ~ Seriously, lots and lots of traction.  How about showing up for this weekend’s Better than Bedtime event?  Just show up 😉


What’s new with you?