Life of Late ~ 1.29.16

Happy last Friday of the month!  Very original start, I know but here we are one month into 2016 and how’s it looking for you?  Those resolutions still on track? 😉 Well, thankfully with February 1st on Monday, there’s a chance to reboot and refocus (I’d like to spend less time on my phone and be more present!).  Here are some of my favorites so far.


(photo creds to Matt Powers – November Project)

Also, with Groundhog Day on Tuesday, you can really hone in  whether you have an addition 6 weeks to work on that summer bikini body.  Just kidding.  Sort of.


^^ Best.Saturday.Schedule.  Running (or working out in some form) and then popping by a Juicepress (or two), and brunch with friends.  Now I’m normally not a beet fan, but this juice has me hooked.  I think it has to do with the ginger and lemon combo, something to make it so scrumptious. (now how often do you hear that about a juice?)

The North Face ~ “North Face Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe Talks Acceptance and Healing Post Injury” ~ Reassuring to know that we all go through these times.

Well Blogs : The New York Times ~ “A Personalized Diet is Better to Suit You” ~

Well + Good ~ “Why BFF Time Can Make Your a Whole Lot Happier” ~ Good sweats, good eats, good company and I’m SOLD!


^^ Exploring one of the best vietnamese joints – Lucy’s – in Brooklyn with Marnie and Lindsay 🙂  You really do only have two or three choices between the banh mi and pho but oh the love they put into those dishes.  I went with the brisket pho, sub out noodles and add extra bok choy.  Mmmmm delish and oh so filling when it was starting to get chilly outside.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.57.55 PM

Look where I’ll be in 5 years!  Sure, these quizzes are just about as spot on as the horoscopes in the free AMNY subway newspaper but hey, it makes sense.

Zanita ~ “Reminders When You Are Having a Bad Day” ~ Some are cliche, but go with it.  So true.

Refinery 29 ~ “I Quit Drinking Coffee for a Month and Here’s What Happened” ~ Sold.

Well + Good ~ “This is what happens when you eat 40 teaspoons of sugar a day” ~ Yikes. That’s all folks.


MY NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANT.  A couple of friends and I were on our way to the Justin Bieber dance class when we happened to pass Tacombi in Flatiron.  We only had a hot second to eat dinner before dancing the night away and this couldn’t have been more perfect.  Tacos + guacamole + horchata oh my.


^^ Serious flavor packed into that meat and the atmosphere was casual and so inviting.  I asked for the meat with no tortillas (not much of a fan of corn tortillas and this whole “whole30” thing going on…ok horchata was a cheat treat) and the waitress replied “I’ll see what I can do but the kitchen runs us, not the other way around”.  I just laughed because that’s a great answer.  The kitchen was kind and did serve sans tortillas though 🙂


^^ Appreciating the view as I sprinted down the East River Path and trying my best to keep up with my friend Marnie.  She is training for the Boston Marathon and I offered to join the last 7 miles (at 8min) pace of her run.  Well, things don’t always turn out as planned and we ended up doing 8 miles at 7:40 pace.  I was cursing to myself most of the way down as it was 20F (feels like 11) and I was dressed like a marshmallow.  But, if I can run like that and dressed like a marshmallow, should be good for the next half in Phoenix, right?


^^ Eating the rainbow at the local Sweetgreen.  Whenever I bring my meals to work, I’m able to keep up with the whole30 program but eating out can be somewhat of a pain, especially when all you want is avocado toast.  Thankfully Sweetgreen has oodles of options (often on the pricier side) and some of the freshest ingredients!


^^ This is why I feel the need to get off my phone more.  I got on the subway and saw every.single.person on his or her phone.  No, people don’t normally chat on the subway but this is just a condensed example of how every other aspect of life seems to be.  GET OFF YOUR PHONES PEOPLE (yes, I was on my phone to take this…besides the point)


^^ Just me and my desire to make the perfect snow angel before hibernating during Blizzard Jonas.  Good times.


Peace out friends.

“Do What You Love & Love What You Do”

fabrick ~ nyc eats

Jumping back into my foodie adventures here around New York City.  I don’t often eat out during the week, opting for my fabulous grilled veggies on repeat (so innovative, I know) but right before the holiday travel, I was lucky enough to go out to eat with one of my work teams.  One coworker used to work on the agency side and would visit this fabrick often with publishers as account executives love to wine and dine.


Work lunch obviously meant appetizers all around since it was being put on the corporate card.  This was perfect for someone like me who likes to sample a little bit of everything.


^^ Starting things off right with some healthy fats aka Avocado Panna Cotta {blue corn tortilla & plantain chips, roasted tomato pico de gallo}

IMG_4041 ^^ The Burrata Salad {apple butter, radicchio, prosciutto, country toast} was probably my favorite item of the day (of course it was all the way at the beginning of the meal and I had to share…no fair).  I seriously could order this type of meal all the time – creaminess of the cheese and salty combination of prosciutto.  Delicious.

IMG_4045 ^^ BACON BACON BACON.  Candied Bacon with a black pepper maple glaze to be exact.  These were hefty slices of meat presented in an oh so fancy way.  I wouldn’t say it was as good as steakhouse bacon, but it sure was a treat.

IMG_4047^^ Trying to meet the green quota for the day.  Opting for a Kale Waldorf Salad w/ chicken on top, not too soggy, and saving enough room for dessert.


^^ Yes, last but not least, a set of desserts for the eyes and stomach to feast on.  This little beauty right in front was fabrick’s Fancy Chocolate Hazelnut Handbag {gianduja mousse, raspberry ganache, vanilla bean ice cream} and the decorative display in the back was The Big Apple Tart {earl grey caramel, oat crumble, mexican cinnamon ice cream}.


^^ My sweet tooth was torn between the chocolate handbag and this Frozen S’mores Napoleon {graham cracker cake, chocolate semifreddo, coffee marshmallow}.  But if none of these are hitting the spot, you might be more in the mood for something to share (not that these desserts can’t be shared), they have the popular Cheesecake Lollipop Tree For Two with flavors like cherry pink cashmere, triple chocolate tuxedo, and toffee top hat.  Oo la la 🙂

Davide Burke fabrick
Located in:
Archer Hotel New York
47 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018
~ menu ~

Grecian Flavor in the City

A few months back (yes months…eek) I was invited to dinner at Milos with one of my roommate’s families.  Tucked away on West 55th Street (Midtown) is a nice little restaurant that gives you a taste of Greece but without the gorgeous white walls and blue water views – but you also won’t have to worry about their economy crashing while you are there.  Just throwing that out there.


Milos is listed more on the pricier side and has an upscale feel about it.  Had I actually looked at the menu and website, I would have noted this and changed my outfit.  Instead, I chose to arrive in jeans and a sweatshirt – both on the nicer side but still.  The saying “dress to impress” has been duly noted.

One of the most unique aspects of this restaurant is how they displace their sea options – in a massive bed of ice for everyone to see.



It’s customary to follow your waiter to the make-shift ice box and listen to all the various ways to prepare the fish (or crab) and then decide what your main course will be.   The selection of fish and crustaceans are flown in from Greece, Spain, and Portugal – grilled and sold at market price by the pound.


Fagri, Loup de Mer, Lethrini, Dorado Royale, Dover Sole, St. Pierre, Balada, Barbouni, Sfyrida, Rofos, Steira, Raska,

Langustines, Blue Lobster, Langusto

Also American varieties such as Black Sea Bass, Red Snapper, Pompano


^^ Most likely a type of scallop and calamari dish that I probably did not partake in.  I’ve gotten used to some shrimp dishes, love crab and some lobster, but will not indulge in calamari.  I’m pretty sure it’s a texture and consistency thing. 


^^MILOS SPECIAL (Lightly fried zucchini, eggplant, tzatziki and kefalograviera cheese)  aka leaning tower of goodness.  I almost went ahead and ordered it for dinner but we decided to split one for the table.


^^ GREEK SALAD (Vine ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and barrel-aged feta)


^^ Our selection of fish (MILOKOPI GRILLED) with a sea-salt crust


After finishing off this plate of fish, we were beyond stuffed for dessert (shocker, I know), however I would certainly make the trip back just for dessert.

~ Baklava ~
Layered phyllo with almonds, honey, and cinnamon.

~ Galaktobouerko ~
Custard with a layered phyllo crust.

~ Karidopita ~
Walnut-based cake served with ice-cream.

~ Loukoumades ~
Dough fritters with cinnamon and thyme-honey syrup.


Anyways, it was quite the treat to eat out and I did my best to subtlety document the experience, though I apologize for the quality of some of the photos above.  I was not adequately prepared to whip out my camera in front of the family – even though the dad is pretty much a professional photographer.  I would absolutely go back to document the experience but alas, there are oh so many other places to explore. For another review, check out the New York Times’ take here.

~ Location ~ Menu ~ Photos ~ Contact ~
M-Sun: 12p-2:30p ~ M-Sat: 5p-11:30p ~ Sun: 5p-10:30p
125 West 55th Street, NY, NY 10019

Santa Barbara, CA Eats ~ Barbareño

IMG_7549Step right in to a little piece of Californian cuisine.

This neat little place, located off of State Street happened to have been created by a couple of Claremont students and is certainly one of my new favorites.  My sister actually was on the cross country team with Julian (head chef) and Kris (sous chef), which is how we stumbled across this gastronomical treat.


In the words of the restaurant itself:


a. Language – One of the extinct Chumashan languages, a group of Native American languages, which was spoken in the area of Santa Barbara.
b. Restaurant – A restaurant based in Santa Barbara, inspired by the terroir of the region.

IMG_7551 IMG_7552

^^ outside dining if you so desire (a bit chillier on these Santa Barbara nights, but just as delightful)


^^ seasonal menus created with plenty of time, love, and care

As a matter of fact, the menu is packed full of native ingredients – from avocados to Santa Maria barbecue, from oak to piquito beans.


^^ We started off with a garden salad ~ stone fruit (nectarines), umeboshi, mahlab croquette (goat cheese)


^^ Nancy’s Quail


^^ Hidden Valley Raviolo ~ ranch ricotta, peas, carrots, duck egg


^^ Bob’s classic burger

What’s neat is that they keep the grill right outside and with each order, a sous chef will take the selected meat out to roast or grill, right in front of your own eyes. (or anyone really who had a view outside of the main dining hall)

Though we all had eaten quite well, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity on such a unique selection of sweets.  By now you know that I am such a sucker for dessert, possibly my “Achilles heel” but such is life.


^^ Nance’s basil infused ice cream atop lemon curd and paired with a parmesan crisp


^^ My “Muffet’s Tuffets” ~ chocolate ganache, milk jam, seasonal fruit

The real winner and crowd pleaser is with “Movie Snacks” (crème brûlée with popcorn and homemade milk duds) so make sure to keep some room for that!

If brunch is more of your thing, it’s served on the weekends from 9:30am – 1:30p.  Either call for a reservation, submit a request online, or place your name in and take a walk around the town.

205 W Canon Perdido St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-9591
~ About ~ Menu ~ Reservations ~


The Best Burger In Town

For most people, the fourth of July (and summer for that matter) is synonymous with BBQs and cookouts.  I know most are into the veggie/vegan trends and I even dabble it in all just to understand what people are thinking and feeling.  But when it comes down to the facts, I just love cheeseburgers.

Now I still have a ways to go in this city, but this certainly is going to be a close race for my NY favorite.  In today’s world of green juices, kale obsessions, and soy products, we sometimes need to indulge in the real stuff.  Maybe it’s unhealthy, maybe it’s not.  To me, it’s a little like living on the edge and satisfies a craving.

I was lucky enough to have my dad in town on business and even though he was only free for one night, it gave us plenty of time to chat (me doing most of the talking and not letting him get a word in…typical Kaitlin), catch up, and of course go out to dinner.


After finishing up my softball game in Central Park, we  made our way over to the west side and started walking up and down Broadway.  I think I’ve adopted a more willy-nilly attitude to food and am fine wandering around to ultimately pick a place to eat.  My dad on the other hand is a man of precision and really likes to have some known quantities.  Not that he doesn’t explore but he definitely likes to have some of his favorites on the menu.  😉

Poor guy was in meetings back to back all day, stuck in a hotel conference room, and running on little sleep.  No fear, Kaitlin’s here to make a foodie decision.


We had taken a pit-stop around Lincoln Center to take in the surroundings and check some options on Yelp.  There happened to be a P.J. Clarke’s in the area and I had only heard rave reviews about it, so our decision was made.


Fearing we would have to fight the masses of Lincoln Center and corporate crowds for a table, I was surprised when we were waltzed in and seated right away.  The atmosphere is very much home-style/bar comfort with the wood features and tables and gingham tablecloths.  Yet, there is definitely an edge of upscale dining, which also comes through on the menu.


TFred went for a Brooklyn Lager, either because it had a great rich taste or he was trying to be thematic with New York.  I debated a beer or a Prosecco drink only to go for my favorite – club soda.  Judging on the fact that spring was almost at a close and the humidity was practically in full force (ok not true…it’s just an adjustment for this CA gal), I was parched and could only fathom water.  Plus, as we discussed on Thursday, I have an addiction (or obsession) to bubbly water.

I had almost debated the Kale Salad + Salmon when I caught myself.  I eat salmon and kale every other night of the week, why order it at a restaurant known for its burgers?   My theory is it’s best to order something the establishment is known for or you cannot make at home.  After all, going out to eat should be a treat. (Note: the word “treat” doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy – it’s just a treat you don’t have to cook!)

IMG_4971“The Cadillac” – Smoked Country Bacon, American Cheese

IMG_4970B.L.T.E. Burger – Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Lemonaise, Fried Egg

I asked the waiter what the most recommended or requested burger on the menu was.  His response?  “The Cadillac”, hence why it was in quotes.  Since TFred decided to make that his selection, I went with the BLTE- a heavenly portion of beef burger cooked medium rare (my choice) and topped with bacon and a fried egg. There’s something about the St. Joseph roll too that made the burger perfect – soft and doughy texture that absorbed the juice from the burger and yolk from the egg.

Oh boy people, this was well worth what people call a “cheat meal”.  If you ever have the opportunity to order a burger with a fried egg, I highly recommend it.  The two or three times that I have done this at The Counter, I have not been disappointed.


We continued to chat and catch up and then it was time to make a game time decision – what to do for dessert.  Stay at the restaurant where the NY Cheesecake made for an excellent option, or wander up north to Magnolia Bakery?


Since we needed some time to digest our meals, we selected the later and soon headed up to the 69th street location.  There we were not only greeted by a wave of cool air but an endless array of baked goods – from cupcakes to blondie bars, from brownies to their famous banana pudding.


I happened to spot a section with ice cream sandwiches made with blondies and brownies.  We ended up splitting a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream sandwich, a perfect pairing for a perfect father-daughter date.

P.J. Clarke’s
44 W 63rd St
New York, NY
(212) 957-9700

Other Locations
Third Ave, NY ~ Lincoln Square, NY ~ On the Hudson, NY
Washington, D.C. ~ Woodbury, NY (Fall 2014)
Mario Ferraz, SP ~ Oscar Freire, SP