Strawberry Scones with a Twist

I’d like to wish everyone a lovely Friday and hope you have a couple of fun or enjoyable things planned for this weekend. A few completely random thoughts before I begin the real point of the post.

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WIAW #44 – Cuppa Tea for Anyone?

Oh what a joy to be back in the WIAW game.  Cheers to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting such a wonderful fete.  As promised, I have accumulated a whole bunch of photos (too many if we are really being honest) of what I ate and wanted to eat while on my British Adventure. The Brits aren’t usually known for their food, but I have to say, they’ve improved their game.  Not so much in terms of fish and chips; I was less than impressed with the fried cod and mushy peas, but their scones and Ploughman’s platters (cheese anyone?) were divine.  I probably could have eaten the jam with simply a spoon and well, I may have at one of our tea stops.  But how could you not when it’s that good?

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Holiday Scones – Cranberry Edition

I hope y’all enjoyed the end of the world and are recovering nicely today 🙂 Here’s a recap of how I celebrated yesterday.  A run with an old friend, some blog reading, and breakfast.  I then stopped off by my mom’s 4th grade class to talk about my study abroad experience in Spain and share some churros and chocolate.  Let me rephrase this. Continue reading

WIAW #18 – A Nautical Holiday

Happy Wednesday and a very happy holiday season to all!  Muchisimas gracias to Jenn for hosting this lovely event.  She really has a wonderful layout and always has useful and hilarious posts! Continue reading