A Spooky Spectacular Day

Ghost, pumpkin, goblins, and chocolate.  Where could you go wrong?  As you can tell, I’m by no means the type of person who is into the super scary and creepy element of Halloween.  I’ll take happy ghosts, candy corn, and Charlie Brown any day.


The plan today is to dress up as one of the Average Joe’s dodgeball players for November Project, throw together some cute, yet corporate approved costume for work, and head out for a short night on the town as a pair of penguins with my friend Lindsay.  We both grew up eating chili on Halloween (paired with either pigs in a blanket or cornbread), so we will be continuing this tradition on the east coast.  From there, we are hosting a small party with festive drinks and snacks of course.  New York hosts an annual Halloween parade that finishes in the West Village but I’m not so sure I’m ready for full on zombies in my face.  Maybe never.

Yesterday I took the day off (yes it was a paid time off day, not hooky – I would be a nervous wreck if I actually played hooky…too much of a goody two-shoes) and it was wonderful.  Just the time I needed after some long days sitting in front of a computer.  Because my body will not let me sleep in (heaven forbid one would sleep in on a day off…), I took a 7am spin class, wandered my way back through the hoards of people on their way to work and school, and continued my morning by watching the Today Show.

Once the good part of the Today Show was over (#sorrynotsorry I don’t like Kathy Lee & Hoda’s segment), Lindsay and I did some pilates videos off of YouTube and I watched an episode or two of Modern Family.  All of that and it was not yet 12pm.  I was quite impressed with myself.

photo 1

I had scheduled a hair appointment for 1 and it was oh so necessary.  Some people are able to go 6 months without a hair cut, but thanks to my thin hair and NY’s harsh water, I was quite overdue for a trim.  Honest to goodness I felt like a new person when I walked out of that salon (not that my hair will ever look or good as it did when the hairdresser did it, but maybe one day I’ll learn).  I treated myself to a Panera “You Pick Two” with squash soup and apple chicken salad, sat on the steps of the New York Public Library for a bit, wandered Barnes & Noble, and then went to see a taping of “Late Night with Seth Myers.”

photo 4

Excuse the poor lighting.  Since I didn’t cheer loud enough during the show and subsequently wasn’t given a t-shirt, I had to resort to this as my souvenir.

The rest of the night was spent planning the Halloween festivities, watching Charlie Brown and ABC’s #TGIT lineup.  I absolutely love my housing situation because all four of us love to get together on Thursday nights and binge watch shows together.  It’s totally the type of living I thought I would have in college.

But, today is back to work and as I slave away at my computer (kidding kidding), let’s dream about some of the fun aspects of Halloween or what I’m looking forward to this weekend (or reminiscing)


Butternut Squash Chili by Cookie + Katie

photo 3

Last year’s work costumes at Hulu. They host an annual Huluween party for the clients and we three decided to be the three blind mice.  Maybe not the most politically correct costume but…it happened.

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls by Imma Eat That

photo (3)

Tagging for this weekend’s NY MARATHON! I’ll be cheering and volunteering with the November Project and hopefully in the next couple of years running the streets of the city!

Tell me, what would be your perfect day off?

Have a fabulous weekend and good luck to all those runners this Sunday!

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