Weekend for the Records

Shouldn’t every weekend be record-breaking in some way?  Maybe you caught up on some extra sleep, ran more than you ever thought you could, went out to brunch for the first time or experienced your first snow. As I always say, it’s about the little things in life that are marvelous.  A little over a week away until the big day and here’s what I’ve been up to.


You know, they may be onto this whole “white Christmas” thing.  We had our first bought of snow on Saturday and it sure made the holiday season a little more magical.  My roommate and I also agreed to participate in the annual Santacon on Saturday.  Seeing hundreds of Santas flock the streets of New York was quite interesting indeed.  We didn’t invest in a red suit but decided next year we needed to find matching onesies.  Thoughts? 😉

photo (3)

Let’s just say what happens as Santacon, stays at Santacon.


Lately it’s been great – I manage to catch the subway exactly where I need to, hop on with out shoving too many elbows, and get off within a period of 20-25 minutes.  I’ve picked up a routine of grabbing a AMNew York newspaper after I getting off one subway as I head to the next.  I’ve also been having breakfast at work because it’s nice to know that I can take my time, looking out over Central Park, reading the morning news.  This is also due to the fact that I arrive painstakingly early because I can’t figure out the morning subway routine yet. Yes, still a problem.


Let’s hope everyone feels this way.  The majority of the time I spend walking the streets, I have my phone plugged in and end up belting some country tunes or more recently, some attempt at Christmas carols.  If only we were as talented as Mariah Carey.


The time of year to be merry and bright 🙂 I love picking out odds and ends that create the perfect gift for someone (or so I hope).  In the end, you must always remember the effort that was put forth when a gift is given.  Remember the time and thought that was hopefully put in to it to represent your friendship or relationship.

In the words of my daily TUT Universe e-mail,

“Being happy now is always more important than any new dream coming true later.”