Life of Late ~ 2.12.16

You know that time I said that the weather hadn’t been too bothersome?  Well I swear that I must have jinxed myself because we have had quite a few flurries, bouts of snow, and chilly chilly days.  Today is dipping into the 20’s and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder!  But, thankfully I’ll be jet-setting my way to Charlotte, North Carolina where it’s only in the 30’s and 40’s. 🙂  I really should send some of this cold air to the west coast where the less than desirable temps will be bearing down on the runners during Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon.  I say not really desirable because running in 80+ weather just sucks.  Now if it were in the 60’s and low 70’s, that’s a different story.  Anyways, happy Friday to all and the beginning of a long weekend. Here we go with some Friday fun.

In the theme of Valentine’s Day, I am sharing one of the gorgeous shots that my roommate helped style this last weekend:


^^ But really, how amazing of a photo is this?
~ Poached Pear Recipe from Food Network ~ Table setting by Pier1, Plates by Anthropologie ~ Photography by Evan Foster, Styling by Hope Christina White (Death By Stilettos) and Kristi Hunter ~


^^ When in doubt, spin it out.  A little reminder from last Sunday’s SoulCycle that when you find your tribe, you’ll thrive.


^^ Thankfully I have friends who accept me for who I am.  Full crazy and all.  Thanks BHsia for capturing my best angle.

Pure Wow ~ “The World’s 16 Best Desserts EVER” ~ Lucky enough to have tried New Orlean’s Beignets, Portugal’s Pastel de Nata, and England’s Sticky Toffee Pudding buuut LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD NOW OK?  Who’s with me?


C’est Christine ~ “If I don’t belong here, then where?” ~ Thoughts from one California girl to another. I think we both agree that there is this internal desire to be in California but also to be in New York and every other place of the world.

Buzzfeed ~ “How to Snapchat Like Teens” ~ Wow.  Recall when teens were obsessed with Facebook (uploading album after album of photos), and then it was Instagram, and now it’s Snapchat.

The Huffington Post (Video) ~ “Violet The Rejected Goat Takes On The World” ~ You go baby goat.

little things - found lost items

^^ We have a few people in our family who tend to mis-place items.  The classic line is “have you seen my…” 😉


Oh and Lent.  I’m a bit torn on the subject of religion – I find myself more on the edge of spiritual than full blown religious and was struggling to find purpose in idea of giving up something for Lent.  Usually I go with something superficial (and easy) and it becomes the Lenten diet.  Not the point.  But when I saw a friend post this, I thought “wow, that is a little closer to the purpose of Lent and I can commit to that.”

By the way of the home today of Lent, Pope Francis proposes 15 simple acts of charity that he has mentioned as specific manifestations of love:
1. Smile, a Christian is always cheerful!
2. Thank you (though not “should” do it).
3. to remind others how much you love them.
4. Welcome with joy to those people who you see every day.
5. to hear the story of the other, without prejudice, with love.
6. Stop to help. Be attentive to the one who needs you.
7. Cheer her up to someone.
8. Celebrate the qualities or success of another.
9. Select what you don’t use and give it away to anyone who needs it.
10. When help is needed to make another rest.
11. Correct with love, not shut up for fear.
12. Have good details with those who are close to you.
13. Clean up what I use at home.
14. to help others to overcome obstacles.
15. Phone call to your parents.

The best fasting.   You dare to fast in this lent?
• Fasts of hurtful words and transmits kind words
• Fasts of malcontents and fill of gratitude
• Fasts of anger and fill of meekness and patience
• Fasts of pessimism and have your fill of hope and optimism
• Fasts of concerns and have your fill of trust in God
• Fasts to complain. Have your fill of the simple things of life
• Fasts of pressures and have your fill of prayer
• Fasts of sorrow and bitterness and fill your heart with joy
• Fasts of selfishness and fill of compassion for others
• Fasts from lack of forgiveness and fill yourself with the attitudes of reconciliation
• Fasts of words and have your fill of silence and listen to the other

If we all try this fasting, everyday life will be full of:
Peace, trust, joy and life

IMG_5229 ^^ Because life is too short to not enjoy a doughnut once in awhile.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” ― Julia Child