WIAW #28 – Rain, Library, and Study Central

It’s that time! Sadly no recipes, but some truly delicious eats. I seemingly forgot to take a picture of my breakfast #fail but it went a little like this. After going to the gym for some elliptical time and light weights, I ate the remainder of my Chobani Berry overnight oats. I topped it with a small plum and added some extra PB2 powder for fun. Continue reading

The Mystery of Outer Space

So today I was able to check another educational exploration off of my list.  Surprisingly for someone who has lived in Southern California her entire life, I have accomplished very few of the touristy things. Hollywood sign? Try from a distance.  Walk of fame? Only on TV.  Griffith Park Observatory and Disneyland? Yep, definitely done those a few times. Continue reading

WIAW #10 – A Day of Eats in the City

Week 5. Midterms. Getting my head in the game.  Need I say more?  While I may not have created any extreme recipes this time around, stay tuned for the days to come.  Leading up to Halloween, there will be lots of fun goodies.  Hey, wouldn’t you know, Halloween is on a Wednesday.  How nice 🙂 Continue reading


The moment when you open your mailbox and there is a package waiting for you.  Pure happiness. 🙂 This happens to be yet another one of these lovely programs started by Lindsay at “The Lean Green Bean” that I have discovered through blogging and absolutely LOVE IT! This month, I received my package from Michelle over at Just Gonna Run With It, which is the perfect blog for me to follow since I too LOVE to run. Continue reading