Friday Favorites ~ 2.20.15

Welcome to the end of the week my friends.  I for one am stoked for the weekend because Sunday’s NYC forecast calls for temps in the 40’s!!  Yes, that’s right, I’m excited to get away from the negative temps that Chicago has been absolutely brutal.


>> what a view.  I guess you could say I’m lucky to work in such a place <<

IMG_8362>> networking spin class with some AWNY pals <<

Working out is attractive, am I right?  What about running dates?  Haven’t had any of those but personally would prefer it because it would offer a quick getaway (just kidding, maybe) and is perfectly priced.   Well, if you do find yourself on one, definitely read through some of the tips about the “Dos and Don’ts of Running Dates“.  Hm, no spitting? Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.  Good thing I don’t follow that rule.  Sorry Mom.


>> festive cookie pies ~ would you believe that this was created from a simple box of funfetti mix? just getting a little crafty and creative and making my coworkers oh-so happy <<


I’ve decided to attempt giving up coffee + sweets for Lent, (though, this was pre-written and two days in, I may have broken down) but thank you Self for the news that a bit of java before working out can put you in a better state of mind and give you that extra nudge to train harder.  Supposedly in the study, those who caffeinated pre-workout ate about 72 calories less than those with the placebo.  I guess every calorie counts, right?


>> More November Project Workouts <<

This last week I had the chance to visit our Chicago office and help train some of my colleagues in digital.  Basically we learned that digital has a lot more hurdles to cross than linear and we just like to be difficult.  Isn’t that nice 🙂 But, the benefit of getting sent a night early is that I was able to attend another November Project tribe’s workout.  Now, I know that I’m slightly biased by my home tribe, so I won’t say too much (but NP_NYC for the win) because they were quite welcoming and put on a great Wednesday workout.  It was a different kind of sunrise (a -16F sort of sunrise) and workout filled with running and deck of cards drills.

IMG_8461Please don’t assume I have gained 20 pounds of blubber this winter.  I swear that’s legitimately 6 shirts/jackets layered on top of one another.  Also notice the super red cheeks.  That’s what you get for running in -16 weather.  At least I can say that I’ve survived running in such cold weather. Ah throwback to the days where we though anything below 62 was chilly.  Yes, that’s California thinking for you.

Somehow I also happened to miss the workout where Bojan was coming to NYC. Ah well, I met both Bojan and Brogan when NP dominated #mile14 of the 2014 NYC Marathon.


You know, traveling out to Chicago made me realize how much I have grown to love New York between the people at work and at workouts to the things that I do and see on a daily basis.  I’m sure I would get the hang of things eventually (not that it will ever happen…no, not moving to Chicago), but it just wasn’t my home.

“Don’t let other people tell you what you want.” – Pat Riley

What are some of your weekend plans?

Why Not Celebrate with Pie

Like a nerd, I want to celebrate today as it’s 3.14 or Pi Day 🙂 Pi is the mathematical constant or the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Sure, I spent my fair share of time with pi in high school but those days are gone and it’s now time for the pie we are more familiar with. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, banana cream pie, and ice cream pie.


Pie doesn’t have to be for only those with a sweet tooth.  There’s also plenty of options for the oh-so-savory.  From chicken pot pie to quiche, tamale pie to Shepherds pie.  Oh and what about the pizza pie?

fe95774b9ba125f0195bff6cf973601192da6cb490b1cb7f532465400d629d6b4f12c291b63e104bb7aa45f6ca427502I tend to find most of my recipes online these days.  As you know from many of my other posts, Pinterest is an all-time favorite, but I’ve started expanding to online magazines and even heard about this new blog or site called Inkling, which features hundreds of recipes with even more photographs and video tutorials.  They  have a blog post today about pies and it’s oh so thematic and fun. 🙂

This is perfect, especially for myself as back in high school I had trouble making pasta for the kids I was babysitting without tutorial over the phone from my mother.  Yep, that was a confession if there ever was one.  Needless to say I’ve progressed and may even make my own pie crust tonight to celebrate the end of the week.

Anyways, Modernist Cuisine is going to have its own little special on pies and pie crusts today, so check it out!

Everything in moderation, including moderation” – Julia Child

Friday Favorites – Life in Manhattan

I’m really digging this weekly roundup of items.  There are some other posts out there such as “currently,” which I might adapt for a future post, but for now here’s my take on life, New York, and the world.


Exploring Manhattan with a college buddy: My friend Mary flew out to visit and we trekked up and down the streets of Manhattan.  I probably should have warned her how much we would be walking, but pretty much assumed it was the norm when traveling.  That’s how our family happens to travel; we walk EVERYWHERE until exhausted.


Sampling different cuisines for brunch: Mary had done some research and learned about this cute little Cuban joint.  We made it for brunch/lunch on Saturday and ordered their famous corn.  I also went for the scrambled eggs with chorizo but wasn’t entirely sold on the flavor.  If I were to go back, I’d order the meal with plantains, special corn, and iced cafe con leche. The waitress also wanted to fit as many people as possible into the tiny booths and so we ended up sitting inches away from our dining neighbors. Quite the experience 🙂

IMG_0540_Fotor_Collage - cuba Indulging in sweet treats: From the famous Magnolia Bakery to jaw dropping selections of candy in Dylan’s Candy Bar to the glorious options of frozen yogurt at 16 Handles. IMG_0540_Fotor_Collage

Fall Premieres: The Mindy Project, The Blacklist, & The Goldbergs are just a few of what’s been in my Hulu queue. I’ve also been hooked on Hostages on CBS and Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Usually I’m not one for drama series, but I swear, the Blacklist is SO DARN GOOD.  What have you been watching?

Traveling In and Out of Every Single Store: From Tiffany’s to Crate & Barrel, FAO Schwartz to a fun food festival. New York has it all.IMG_0486_Fotor_Collage

Megabus:  This nifty travel service is popping up all over.  My friend back at Santa Clara first introduced me to the service but at the time I still had my car, so there really wasn’t a need for such a service.  However, where I am today, it’s PERFECT.  Basically it offers people transport via bus to and from locations.  The first people to book tickets pay low prices (think $1-$3) and as the tickets become more scarce, or it gets closer to the travel date, prices start to go up; definitely a supply and demand economics sort of deal.    Thank goodness I didn’t book first time around.  I was so baffled that tickets were only $3 for Thanksgiving transport!  Well, turns out I was looking at the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, so of course it was cheap.  I claim this as an honest mistake, not a blonde moment, as the day really never remains consistent year to year.  After making the corrections, the prices were still decent and I congratulated myself and having attention to detail, which is crucial when interviewing and winning over potential employers 🙂


All Things Fall: Pumpkin, candles, Thanksgiving, leaves, sweaters and scarves, candy corn (in all forms) decorating…I could really go on all day but I’ll stop there.  Actually Buzzfeed of course has a list of reasons why October is great.  They claim it as the best month, but being a spring baby, I beg to differ.


Confidence: It’s easy to forget how essential confidence is in our daily lives.  I’m not saying we need to have a big ego, but to be proud of one’s accomplishments and talents and be able to live life in a positive manner, that’s another thing.  Check out what Alex at Cookie Dough Katzen has to say about confidence.


“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”
– Diane Ackerman

Yogis and Yoginis Unite

So I think these titles are absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it’s what you call people that do yoga, but I have to think of Yogi Bear or Yogi Berra, pick your fancy.  The reason of the title is that I took advantage of two of the free fitness classes offered by the gym, one being yoga.  🙂  I do love the word, free. More on that later. Continue reading


The past week I have tried to be extremely helpful.  This means running errands, wrapping gifts, you name it.  I also will accomplish pretty much any errand for some cash as I am slightly panicked by my credit card bill.

IMG_5504IMG_5510 Continue reading