February Friday Favorites ~ 2.13.15

The days come and go and the winter remains.  Thank you kind groundhog for predicting six more weeks of winter.


>> No matter the weather, we come out in full force to run.  #raceeverything <<

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 4.00.44 PMThis happened.  I mean, can you just look at some of the headliners?  Farmborough Country concert here we come (although we still have four and a half months to get excited/ready/look good in boots and cutoff jeans) 😉

spontaneous adventures

 If I lived in San Francisco, I would probably have this SF Neighborhood Guide of things to do, see, and eat on my wall.  I have somewhat of an obsession with the blog The Well Traveled Wife and all her glorious finds.  Everything looks so clean and crisp and ever so chic.


I have yet to visit the Levain Bakery but apparently their chocolate chip cookies are out of this world.  Ah, if only cookies fit in the food pyramid as well as kale and keifer do.  Anyways, Broma Bakery has an excellent copy-cat recipe for you to recreate these bad boys in the comfort of your own home.  Maybe mix up a batch for a house-warming gift or a movie night at home.

LevainCookies-3-683x1024 (source)

These need to happen.  Now.  Well, maybe it would be dangerous to bake since I’ve decided to give up sweets/coffee for lent, but that doesn’t start until Wednesday.  So I guess we are in the clear.  On the other hand, a more mental challenge would be the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge.  Declutter, break free, and just be you.

 Speaking of breaking free, one must really read The Healthy Maven’s latest post on accepting yourself and your body.  I think we all struggle to find ourselves and find happiness with our genes.  So many good points here.  You go girl.


>>  Peace, love, November Project.  Worth the early alarms and chilly chilly temperatures. <<

yoga without walls

Of course, when I’m not running or spinning, I am doing my best to stretch and go to yoga.  Most of the days that I set out my yoga mat and clothes, I end up snoozing through my 5:45 alarm.  I know that I should wake up and make the trek across town, but somehow it doesn’t have the same allure as my nice pillow.  I was all into the above class because 1) it was free 2) we got free swag afterwards 3) it was with some November Project friends.


TGIF – NYC Weekend Plans

I swear, I’m getting my act together for some fun posts.  For now, real life has zapped my brain power and creativity so thank goodness it’s Friday.  🙂  IMG_3929For now, I’m beyond excited for spring weather, the warmth of the sun, the opportunity to eat outside during the work day, and even spend extra hours in Central Park, my nature escape.  I’ve added to my NYC bucket list and can say that every week I’ve been able to check a few things off.


I’m getting more inspired each day to run another half and hopefully a full marathon sometime in the future.  As I’ve mentioned before, working out makes me feel confident and as strange as it seems, a purpose or schedule.

After watching the Boston Marathon at work, reading my friend’s recap from the Nike Marathon a few years ago (which qualified her for Boston this year), and finding yet another inspiration online, I’m ready to get down to business. Maybe it’s the dream or the inspiration I need to focus my life.  I know it’s a long journey to finish these races, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and thrive off of the lifestyle and runner’s high. So in the words of Nike, I’m going to Just Do It.


Some of the weekend plans (thus far) include:

* Shopping for a fun cocktail dress and shoes 

* Comedy Show

* Running around Manhattan or agreeing to run a track workout (I never thought I would do that to myself again after high school but if I want a PR, it’s got to happen)

Katz Deli

* Roaming NYC’s hotspot coffee shops (since I obviously can’t pull myself away from caffeine…#javajunky)

What is on tap for your weekend?