Gooooood Morning America!

For those of you who caught onto the “Good Morning Vietnam” reference, well done.  For those of you who didn’t, go watch the movie ASAP.  But obviously there’s more than just a really good line from Robin Williams.   This actually is in relation to THE Good Morning America in New York City.  Yep, a direct competitor to my beloved Today Show but November Project was asked to be on GMA, so I guess for a day I can be Team GMA.


Originally we were going to show up to the studios with as many people as possible.  I don’t think the producers really understood “just show up” mentality.  That and the fact that we are all like lemmings (though it’s not a cult…) and when they say jump, we jump.  So if they said show up in Times Square, we would show up in Times Square.  Well, the producers got wind of this and limited it to about 30 spots.  Our co-leaders created a link to sign up and anyone from any of the tribes could sign up!  It was certainly more feasible for those in NYC, DC, or Boston but hey, you do you.

After a few days, an email was sent out to a lucky 30 and yep, I made the cut!  I had voluntarily signed myself up for a 4:30am wake-up call.  Good job Kaitlin.  To be honest, it was like sleeping the night before a race and I didn’t want to miss my alarm, so it was a very restless night of sleep.

I also did not want to deal with the sporadic public transportation so early in the morning, so I waited until the last possible moment to wake up, caught a $10 taxi (free fitness ha) to Times Square and was present in Grassroots Gear by 5:15.  Once we had all 30 of us, we walked over to the studios, handed over our IDs to show that we were truly who we said we were, and then were brought up to a “green room” where we would hang for about an hour or so.  There was free fruit + pastries + coffee, all of which were “eh”.  << Good descriptive words right Mom? 😉

IMG_7657 (1)Around 7 or so, we went out onto the plaza and did a little warm up and practice.  This consisted of us bouncing, be told not to shout weird things (cough cough Paul) and smile very big for the camera.  We then went about our normal bounce routine, hugged one another and then hugged some people in the crowds.  Curious why we hug?  Check out the segment 😉

After a few practice rounds it was back into the greenroom for another 45 minutes or so.  Ok, to be honest, since I was up at 4:30 and some people were up at 4, time seems pretty relative and I don’t actually recall how much time was in between.

IMG_7662 (1)

^^ There I am in all my butt-in-the-air glory.  I had told a few people and Sarah was able to catch it for me 😉 I know it was a lot of stop and go but man, we must have done something strenuous that morning because my abs were killing me the next day!  Those exercises either really work or I was just super out of ab shape (possibly the latter but let’s believe it’s the former)

Our air time was right around 8:40 but we did have a couple of snipets where we are in the background screaming and the anchor is watching with eyebrows raised in confusion.  Or just telling the audience to sit tight and tune in for this free fitness craze.

If you have a few minutes and want to check out the segment, click right here.

So maybe it wasn’t a full workout on a Wednesday.  Maybe I had to go into work a little late.  Carpe diem, right?  Now if I can just find a way to get us on the Today Show…


OH and if you didn’t get through my last post, this amazing gal on the right is OUR BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW CO-LEADER FOR NEW YORK! EVERYONE IS PUMPED!

Life of Late ~ 3.20.15

Hi my name is Kaitlin and I have a nut butter problem and no I’m not a nut case.  I may drive some people a little crazy, but that just adds some fun into my life and yours.  Trust me.  Back to the real problem – the fact that a serving size is 2 tbsp and yet the jar is consumed within a week.  If I really wanted to make it interesting, I should have a taste test challenge and purchase a whole basket full of options.  But alas, my wallet nor NYC cupboard space does not allow for that.

So what else is new in the world besides my nut butter habit?

IMG_8849 >> just about the only green item I consumed for st. patty’s day.  #thematicfail <<

IMG_8644 Of course I would have to include 1, 2, 3, or more November Project pictures.  Because that’s what’s up.  Happy Birthday to NP NYC 🙂  This time, no straight faces and just smiles all around.

Speaking of NP, here’s an applicable article about community. ~ What Does Community Mean to You (A Little Opulent) ~ Belong, respect, support, authentic.  Spot on.  We all want to find a place where we feel at home, can be our best selves, and enjoy the people around us.

IMG_8718A couple weekends back, we came out strong to celebrate one of our tribe members who was sadly moving away from the big apple.  We rocked the afternoon in style with a city wide scavenger hunt and thank goodness I was on a team that took it seriously.  That meant running almost 5 miles throughout the city taking pictures, doing burpees in Grand Central and creating dance parties with perfectly random strangers.  If you know me, you know that I ADORE this stuff.  Amazing Race?  Sign me up.  No really, my 18th birthday was Amazing Race themed, so I’m all over that.


>> that time we decided to take oyster shots.  this was not part of the scavenger hunt challenge but we thought that it could count as extra points.  it actually was my first oyster and I don’t remember much of the taste as I doused it in cocktail sauce and literally shot it down my throat. <<


>> the party ended up at Brother Jimmy’s where they of course have a photobooth. not free but worth it! <<


>> we three happen to share the very best birthday.  epic NP workout day and celebrations to come <<

Having been in the city and specifically in Manhattan for three months, I’m getting a bit antsy to travel.  So, let’s make a list of the 10 Historical Trips to Take (The Well Traveled Wife) ~ This girl travels everywhere and in the most stylish fashion.  I adore all the tips and tricks she provides for traveling along with the oodles of pictures for each post.  If you don’t already follow this blog, I highly recommend!  It will have you ready to travel in no time at all.

IMG_8822 >> did you know that the 5th ave Tiffany’s offers complimentary water (flat or sparkling) on their 6th floor customer service reception? absolutely divine <<

 On a It these types of articles and stories that make you appreciate every ability you have to run and live a healthy life.  Cameron Gallagher, a 16 year old, had suffered from depression and anxiety.  She was in the process of raising awareness and had just completed her first half marathon when she passed away from an undiagnosed heart arrhythmia.  Noto to be a downer, just to share how people are spreading awareness and passion through running.

Speaking of passion, here’s a little article about 20 Signs That You’ve Found Your Passion (A Little Opulent) ~ All excellent questions or thoughts to consider when looking for a job, finding your place at work or society, or just living.

IMG_8819 >> what to eat after a workout or night of fun <<

IMG_8820  >> what I really would like to eat after a workout or night of fun.  I may have enjoyed every bit but also suffered a slight sugar crash and hangover while we watched Cinderella.  Not so fun. <<

IMG_8658>> celebrating a friend’s birthday in brooklyn bash style <<

 I have a feeling that my mom will make a comment about my hair while she is here.  It’s my mother who reminds me when to schedule a hair appointment.  Yes I am almost 24 and she is still the perfect person to do this.  Most of the time I listen and schedule something within 8-10 weeks of each other.  I’m going on week 20.  So, if these tips on how to eat your way to better skin and hair don’t work, maybe I”ll just make an appointment.


>> On Fridays, we take over Times Square.  Or any other location around the city.  Waking up for a 6:28am workout is possibly the best way to experience Times Square.  Trust me. <<

If you made it to the end, congratulations.  I’ll leave you with this happy thought…IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING!!

January Life of Late

To say that this year has been uninspiring thus far would be a terrible mistake.  Despite having to spend a majority of my day staring at a computer (hello Excel and Outlook! My bestest of friends), I have already traveled to new places (mostly within New York City), met new friends, visited new restaurants, and just lived in the moment.  Oh, not to mention, applied and received a promotion at work, so that’s pretty nifty.  I’d say that’s an excellent start to 2015, don’t you?

What have I not done?  Well, a sugar cleanse & dry-January (um, seeing as I rarely drink, it wasn’t such a big deal and netted out to drinking 2 days out of the month), worry (too much) about the future, or save the world.  Not too shabby and can all roll over into February.  Yes, even saving the world.  But, there’s more to this city than that.  Grab a cup of tea and stay awhile.  Here’s some of the fun that living in such a unique place like NYC can offer.

IMG_8152Times Square
Now that all the holidays are over, the city is a little bit better to navigate.  Sure, I try to avoid the main tourist traps, but walking through this central hub of lights makes me think I live in a dream.


Museum of the City of New York
1220 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10029
(Btwn 103/104 on the right side of Central Park)
~ More ~ Visit ~ Exhibits ~

I first read about this museum and the following exhibit in particular in the New York Times news paper.  As a matter of fact, I may have received the article from a grandparent, but I don’t entirely recall.  Anyways, this gem of a museum is hidden on the Upper East Side and not talked about as often as I think it should be.  Sure, it’s not your MET or MOMA, but it has so much history that it’s another fabulous stop on a rainy or snowy day.

The main reason I wanted to go was to see the “Mac Conner: A New York Life” exhibit, which highlighted the works of one of the first “Mad Men.”   Mr. McCauley (“Mac”) Conner (born 1913) was quite influential in the city’s growing publishing industry.   The exhibit will take you on a journey through his Navy publication days and into his hand-painted illustrations for advertising campaigns and women’s magazines (Redbook and McCall’s) created post World War II.

~ Huffington Post Review “Meet One Of The Real ‘Mad Men,’ 1950s Ad Artist Mac Conner” ~



IMG_8155Wake up the Sun @ Upper West Side ~ 116th and Morningside Drive

Sure, when my alarm goes off, I don’t always want to get up.  But, when I know that there will be smiling and friendly faces at NP, I know it’s worth it.  I know that starting my day by working out is the best thing that I can do for myself.  A happy (yet slightly tired and wired on coffee and tea) Kaitlin will be much better for the world, just trust me on this.

Some of our other favorite phrases and hashtags are: #weatherproof (we will work out in any weather – rain, snow, sunshine…the latter preferable but rare in these NYC winters), #justshowup #verbal (letting others know that you will be at the workout. it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY!) #positivity #grassrootsgear #wakeupthesun


IMG_8074For those of you who are still intrigued (or confused…it’s totally ok to be confused) about November Project, I HIGHLY recommend checking this site out and watching this video.

Still trying to figure out why people want to wake up at the crack of dawn and go running around their respective cities?  Read Gabbi’s (Run Now Wine Later) recap of her year at NP-SF and you will know.  It’s just that amazing of an environment and I’m pretty positive that this is how we all feel about our tribes. 

IMG_8080Really though.  How could you not love this view?  Living on the east coast has made me appreciate the value of a sunrise.

Thank goodness for Juice Generation, Liquiteria, and so many other pop-up shops.  Sure, the $8-10 price-range isn’t ideal but a bowl full of nut butter, fruit, and greens sounds like heaven to me.  At least I feel slightly healthy inhaling all those natural sugars and protein.

Also thanks to my planner who gave me a Juice Generation gift card for Christmas, it hasn’t been too terrible for my bank statement.

IMG_8088My terrible habit of having at least three beverages going at a time.  My family (and now roommates) have to deal with me constantly rotating cups and leaving them around the apartment. I may have three-four partially consumed drinks going at a time.  Sometimes I extend them out over a few days (of course putting them in the fridge and such), but they will be consumed. Eventually.

IMG_8085Just some friends playing Jenga and competing to make the tallest tower.  Ah New York.  You really do have it all.  (Sidenote: we were having such a good time that people around us were highly jealous of our Jenga skills)

IMG_8147Summer Roll  (Tuna,Avocado,Crab,Lettuce,Asparagus,Cucumber and Kaiware Sprouts Shrimp Tempura) … quite the mouthful.  Really.

Lunch at Sushi Zen
108 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

While some of the perks of my job include taking clients out to lunch and getting our nails done (free mani/pedi? Worth the long hours in excel), this was from lunch with my AWNY (Advertising Women of New York) mentor.  It’s what my dad told me (a younger Kaitlin grudgingly agreed at the time and is now thankful) that it’s all about – networking, networking, networking.

IMG_6557Wouldn’t you know that just across the water and 7 Train, there is this place called Long Island City with some delicious restaurants and recently renovated parks?  Thanks to my previous manager for this tip!

IMG_6527Just a couple of friends playing tourist for the day.  (Notice how Rock Center is not NEARLY as packed as say two months ago during the holidays?)

IMG_8130Because views like this make my day, week, month, and year.

“Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”
– Judy Garland

Summertime with Momma in the City

That’s right, not only is it officially summer, but Momma Fuelling was in town for a fabulous girl’s weekend ~ shopping ~ eating good food ~ exploring and more.

IMG_5047_Fotor_CollageThursday night we met up with some family friends and ate oodles of delicious pizza and gnocchi at the ever so popular Eataly.  I’m truly blessed to have these guys on the east coast since they are pretty much my east coast family.  I love it!


First thing Friday morning, we set out to New Jersey to visit Hoboken.  The real search was to find a jewelry store that my mom’s college friend had started.  Apparently it was called Anastasia’s Accessories but sadly has since closed down.

It was not a total fail since I had never been to Hoboken and we soon found ourselves outside the famous Cake Boss Bakery.  Obviously we had to get in line and see what the real atmosphere was like.

IMG_5047_ Fotor_CollageJust look at those monstrous cookies and cakes!  All the fondant!

Since it has become such a big deal, that there is a line outside the bakery and a man giving numbers for when you enter the store.  After we picked up our sole cannoli (later to be put in the freezer) we headed back into the city to do some shopping. 

The rest of Friday was spent cleaning my apartment top to bottom.  No really, Madre, bless her, got right in the tub with a toothbrush and cleaned all the grout and tile.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  But really, I don’t think I’ve seen my place this spotless and it’s sort of incentive to keep it up.  I did try to pick up a bath caddy but had the most difficult time getting it to stick to the wall.


Friday night was a night on the town ~ A quick dinner at TGI Fridays (keeping it classy) before watching Motown the Musical.  I was so looking forward to the music as much of it was on the local stations I listened to growing up.

IMG_5047_Fotor _CollageTHE BLACK & WHITE COOKIE ~ Two flavors living in perfect harmony (homage to the Seinfeld episode)

A New York classic that may have been consumed three days in a row.  It’s safe to say I’ve found a new favorite dessert (or just add it to the list).  I had to include the picture of cookies at Pick-A-Bagel where they create separate cookies, for those who like one flavor over another.  My mom and I were laughing all the way home about this.

Both Saturday and Sunday started off with a light jog down the east river trail.  Even though we were walking all over the city, it was helpful to start off on the right foot and of course work up an appetite for the fabulous food we planned to indulge in.


Literary adventure on Saturday – a trip north to Tarrytown and Sunnyside, NY where we visited Washington Irving’s estate (post to come soon…I’m sure y’all are dying for some English gossip 😉 but really, it’s a neat trip).

IMG_ 5047_Fotor_Collage

Then for dinner we went to Pete’s Tavern where O. Henry (author of Gift of the Magi) was a regular.  My mom had spotted the tavern back in November and kept telling me to test it out.  I had no clue what she was talking about even though I walked past the place almost every other day.

It’s safe to say I had one delicious burger with sweet potato fries and my mom had the most amazing turkey burger.  I have no idea what seasoning or sauce they used but I was hooked!

IMG_5047_Fotor_ CollageWe wrapped up the weekend with another run along the east river trail (got to get this girl back in shape…slowly but surely) and then dressed up for brunch at The Boathouse.  I have certainly lucked out with weather because it was another brunch to remember.

IMG_ 5198_Fotor_Collage

Today she heads home and it’s back to work I go.  Looking forward to the summer days ahead and hopefully a Fourth of July fete.

“Family is not an important thing.  It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox. 

Live a Little

Well folks, it was quite the weekend and I’m not really sure where to begin.  It was one of those weekends full of surprises, good talks, walks, and no set schedule.  That whole go-with-the-flow idea?  It can be pretty fun and rewarding 🙂

As many of you bloggers have found, it’s pretty easy to strike up a friendship with one another, especially if you have been reading each other’s blogs.  So what about visiting one another and actually hanging out?  To some non-bloggers, this sounds creepy, but hey what would you call online dating then?  I was trying to explain to a couple coworkers what I was doing over the weekend and they just didn’t understand that I had met a couple friends online and was actually going to hang out with them.  Really people, this is the 21st century, but I guess you don’t really understand until you start blogging.


Ok, besides the point.  Anyways, I mentioned last week I was going to hang out with Sarah and Carrie and we did and IT.WAS.A.BLAST!  The three of us have been talking about getting together at some point and well, tickets were booked last Wednesday and we actually made it happen.  Now that is what I call spur of the moment fun or spontaneity.


Carrie arrived later on Friday night and we immediately went for sushi and frozen yogurt.  We planned to have more of the adventurous foods as Sarah isn’t the biggest fan of that stuff and she will tell you so.  Anyways, after we practically inhaled our sushi, which was divine, we decided that a round of frozen yogurt was only necessary.  We didn’t plan on raging at any of the bars, so obviously spending an equivalent amount of money on 16 Handles was the best choice.  May I mention that I’ve never had better frozen yogurt?  Trust me, I’ve had my fair share and even last week’s batch left me feeling a little jittery from the sugar content.  This time – no such feeling!  Glorious flavors and toppings and a relatively good price.

IMG_2254_Fotor _Collage

On Saturday I took Carrie up to Central Park where we proceeded to walk/jog/explore for three glorious miles.  They were quite chilly miles though because it had started to rain and snow, neither of which I was quite prepared for.  Carrie is used to sub-freezing temperatures in Wisconsin but I keep pulling the “oh it was sunny at one point, it must only be 45F”.  Once a California girl, always a California girl.


Once we were satisfied with the sights, we made our way to Gene’s – the diner I discovered last week – for some good ‘ol diner brunch.  Carrie was successful with her pancakes but I didn’t fair so well.  For some reason the waiter decided over easy eggs were better than poached and white toast was a good equivalent for wheat.  Not so much but the diner coffee exceeded expectations, so two thumbs up.  Quite the attractive photo, I know.  😉


Later, after showering and warming up a bit, I took her through Eataly and Times Square, aka tourist central.  I mean, when in New York, see all the touristy sites, right?  We made sure to wander through the M&M store, pick up free samples from the Hershey store, and lots of pictures.  Fast-forward a few hours and it was time to pick up Sarah from the Penn Station and were soon on our way.

For what fun happened next come back tomorrow 🙂 Until then, check out some more marvelous bloggers here!


Christmas in the Big Apple

I’m not entirely sure how long this post will turn out, so I may have to divide it up into two parts, just so I don’t overwhelm you with too much writing and too many pictures 🙂 Meghan – there will be no recap so you’ll have to read it or just skim the pictures. Continue reading