Life is a Dream

Well hump day is over and here we are on a fabulous “Thinking Out Loud” Thursday morning (midday, afternoon, evening…or whenever you happen to stop by).  I adore joining in these weekly parties every so often just to “e-meet” up with some fabulous new faces and personalities.  Plus I had some fun putting together this week’s edition of Thinking Out Loud and so here we go.


  • My sparkling water addiction may be worse and more costly than my coffee habit. True, I could invest in a bubble maker (otherwise known as a SodaStream) or infuse lemon slices in my water or simply suck it up and deal with plain water.  But it’s not harmful to my health, doesn’t make me poor (yet), and makes me happy.
  • When should I publish my posts?  There’s the whole “social media” time zone between 3 and 5 when people are obviously oh so productive at work (but really…that whole post lunch “2:30” feeling)  But then if you post in the morning, you catch all the productive peeps who get up and read blogs and emails before they start their day or on their way to work.  Blogger problems.


  • When in Brooklyn ~ Apparently the hipster population makes their own rules.  Totally fine, just plop down a field of grass in the middle of the street and it’s like you are in the great outdoors.
  • With so many people in the city and so many things to do, I’m rarely lonely or homesick.  Sure everyone encounters the occasional bout of loneliness but I definitely think I’m happier here than I was ever in college.  Not that I don’t miss my family or that time in my life, but I feel so much more confident and this is an opportunity in my life to explore the unknown and do what I want and when I want.  I’m blessed to have such a supportive family and it helps that we are all in different places in our lives.  Many are surprised to hear that my parents were absolutely pushing for me to move to New York and explore a new part of the world, but it’s true and I love them for it.


  • How can you pass up an opportunity to see free concerts in the park?  Pass by the iconic Shake Shack or just view all the craziness on a daily basis?  There’s always something to ponder and I feel that this city keeps me on my toes.  You could say New York is my ongoing education…of life.  Corny but true.


  • One of the many moments where I realize I live in one of the greatest cities.  I like to think that I thrive in the constantly moving city and am in awe of all the activities and opportunities that are held here on this island.  I was stretching at the gym last week and happened to see an Instagram post announcing Train’s visit to the Today Show.  Now I could either go to the gym Friday morning or go to the Today Show.  Not even a question!  Off to Rockefeller Plaza I went!
  • They are coming out with a new album, Angel In Blue Jeans, which I am very excited about.  Of course I’m still partial to their California 37 and Save Me San Francisco albums.


  • For those who know me well, you know that I adore Train.  It’s a band I grew up singing without really realizing it.  When I put two and two together, I was hooked.  I soon saw them in concert up at Berkley and later in Irvine.  So pair that bit of knowledge with the fact that I’ve always been obsessed with the Today Show and have dreamt of being a part of that fabulous cast, so it was a dream come true Friday.

Do you have a favorite band?  What’s your dream job?

WIAW #32 – A Flurry of Finals

First off, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  Now, by the time most of you read this I will still have YET to take a final.  Ok, not entirely true as I presented a number of final projects and papers last week, but my first official test will be tonight at 6:30.  That being said, let’s jump into what most of you are here for…FOOD.

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WIAW#8 – Train & Rush…What a Weekend!

This past week has certainly flown by and I’m not just saying that because it’s already October, that I am on the quarter system, that I have spent all my time (or none of my time) socializing, or that I spent all weekend with Greek Recruitment (what you may know as “Rush”).  Wait, maybe it is?

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