Cultivating Inspiration

Every now and then we need a little dose of perspective and a little dose of inspiration to get our engines moving.   Not everything is sunshine and rainbows BUT we also need to give ourselves a bit more credit.  I have found social media to help push us forward and build us up, but I have also found that it brings us down.  Why can’t I look like that, travel there, be crafty and successful?  No one (or the majority of people) do not share the negatives and down moments, the fails and frustrations.  We are all human and what works for one person may not work for another.  What’s the theme of the year? You do you.


Here are a few links about or from people that I happen to know that are pretty darn inspiring.

BYU Olympian Teaches Optimism

I’m not claiming that I know a celebrity buuuut I did go to school with Kate.  I vividly remember in junior high choir asking for her signature in my yearbook and telling her “for when you are famous”.

Anyways, Kate made it to the Olympics as one of the top luge competitors in the world but is more or less remembered for is her personality and her dance moves.  In her BYU Ted Talk, she talks about the effort she put into training, only to get knocked down before qualifiers.  We know now that she made it to the Olympics, but it’s her attitude that really helped separate her from the crowd.

Again, I can’t say that I know her too well anymore (or really did) but I do follow her social media accounts and have to say she always is trying something new, pushing the boundaries, and it is pretty darn inspiring (especially when I sit behind a computer at a desk all day…) Check out the blog/instagram she has set up with her sister about their travels.

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ESPN ~ Chris Mosier Breaking Barriers

The only reason I know Chris Mosier is through November Project.  He was one of the speedsters that would push each workout to the max.  Over time I learned his story (podcast here + Buzzfeed Article) and how much of a leader he is for the transgender community.  I cannot do any of his story justice, so I please implore you to read this article.  In his own words, “there are certainly parts of our country that are really struggling with understanding that they should treat all people with dignity and respect.”  Chris has made leaps and bounds to break the barriers and is now a history maker.



November Project NYC Blog ~ “Stuck in a Rut” By Jeanie 

This is the latest post by our newest co-leader who is quite possibly the most badass and groovy of women in our tribe.  Let’s take a step back.  We knew that there had to be a change coming down the pipeline for NP_NYC.  Our leaders, as awesome as they are, needed a female in the mix.  Who would it be?  How would the dynamic change?  Questions galore.  Well, for months I think we all were thinking it – “Damn Jeanie would be amazing.  She is nice to everyone, has amazing charisma, awesome dance moves and is fit and fast AF”.  Turns out it was so spot on it came true.  Catch her first blog post here.

Now moving up to the  present.  Her blog post from Wednesday was about being stuck in a rut.  We’ve all been there.  Heck, there are some days every.single.week that I feel stuck in the muck.  But finding a group to push you outside of that zone, encourage you to shine your true colors and not pretend to be someone else – it’s golden and it’s what we all need.  I’m not saying you need to go to November Project.  I’m just saying, find a group of people who appreciate you for who you are and don’t expect you to change to fit their ideals.  But also a bit of sweat always helps.

*November Project NYC Information Here

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts [and surround yourself with positive people], your life will start to change”