That Juicepress Life

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have caught onto my weekly Saturday routine.  It starts with a run (or workout depending on weather) and a picture posted with some fun hashtags (though all my hashtags are fun) including #willrunforjuice, #jprunclub, and #juicepress.  Then I usually find my way to one of the various Juicepress locations around the city to pick up my free juice.


^^ Rain or shine, I’ve got Juicepress on my mind 😉

People, these things usually cost $10+ dollars and for simply promoting the product through social media, I get to pick one out for FREE!  They’ve gotten stricter over time and now require you to post the picture at least 30 minutes prior to entering the store, but for someone who is up and at ’em early anyways, it’s no problem.  Also, if you think about it, the fact that we have to promote the picture and hashtag is practically organic advertising.



^^ I don’t always consume beets, but when I do, it’s mixed with a lot of other things…especially ginger and lemon

IMG_0367^^ Their smoothies aren’t half bad either.  This may have been the Green Light – filled with banana, kale, coconut water, etc.  What I HIGHLY recommend is the Cold Brew Smoothie + Almond Butter.  Noms to the max.



^^ Also a huge fan of their pre-packaged smoothies, most of which make for a perfect recovery meal – look for the ones with the least amount of sugar and added bonus of nut butter!   If you get into the habit of going every week, it’s easy enough to test a different juice out every time and work your way through the store without breaking the bank.  Of course, there are days where I do feel obligated to give back and I purchase a juice or two extra to sip throughout the week.

So, this Juicepress habit of mine.  When a friend sent me an email about a seminar filled with lots of health and wellness talk PLUS a goodie bag, I was all in.  Not to mention it was at the Juicepress close to my apartment, so there was practically no excuse.


We arrived to a room filled with chairs and goody bags such as the one above.  We ultimately had way too many people in too small of a room, but that’s just typical New York for ya.  So step one, rifle through the bag to see what swag was included.


^^ Yes.  We are totally off to an excellent start.


^^ Next up, how many juices can we fit in our pockets and purses before the Juicepress folks notice?  #sorrynotsorry


^^ A little bit of hummus and avocado toast (unfortunately not whole30 approved but oh so pretty looking).  I also missed out on that water game but hear the rose water was fabulous.  You know, paying for all those health benefits.


^^ DESSERT PLATTER made up of raw chocolate and various nutty ball creations.  Ok, not exactly whole30 approved but I did slip and test out one of the sesame balls.  I chocked it up to a nut butter protein snack.


^^ A full look at all the goodies.  Juicepress is all about the healthy lifestyle so that includes plenty of workout coupons including pilates, yoga, a fhitting room discount and SOULCYCLE.  Winning.


^^ Oh and I’m that blonde girl in the middle! #famous 😉

So now onto the actual reason that people came.  We spent the next hour or so listening to a solid panel about juicing and health and wellness.  Listening to Marcus – the founder – was actually quite interesting and shared a little bit about his “food journey”.  The message that really resonated with me was that his goal was to find purpose in his work, find a way to help people and to do that through food.  Everyone has a food story – whether it’s good, bad, recovering, or therapeutic.

It’s not what you take in, but what you leave out” (quoted about juice and lifestyle choices, but could really be applied to everything in life).  You are more likely to operate better with good fuel in your body than crap.  Also, focus less on what you don’t have control over and more on what you do have control over.

We heard from Dr. Berzin, founder of Parsley Health, and she spoke a lot about functional medicine.  She emphasized the idea that food is at the center of everything – what you put in your body affects how you age, how you function on a daily basis, how you heal, and ultimately how you live.


Everyone even touched upon the question of juice cleanses and their responses were great – you aren’t supposed to go on a juice cleanse to lose weight because let’s be honest, anyone can lose weight if you stop eating.  BUT, it’s all about clearing your system of JUNK and if juicing helps you do that, then test it out.  Every person is different and each body will react differently to food trends and diets and programs.  The key is to listen to your body and YOU DO YOU.

What’s your take on juices?  Any favorites?