Good Online Reads of Late

About time to share some of my favorite articles of late


“20 Resolutions for 20-Somethings” (Sometimes Always Never Blogsome of my favorites below

* Get out of bad relationships & pursue relationships that fill you up – Supposedly when you find your future spouse, you just know.  Well, finding those good friends can feel somewhat the same.  They accept your best (and maybe your not so great) qualities and embrace your quirks.

* Stop hating your body  ~ Just like life, you only have one body so treat it well.  Lots of veggies, protein, and sweet treat every now and then will do the body and soul well.

* Explore your city

* Break free of social media and be present – Facebook, email, and Instagram will be there in a couple hours.  There’s no need to have your nose buried in your phone for all hours of the day.  You may very well ruin relationships by doing this, so beware.

* Keeping Perspective with life – Check out Katie Kempner’s blog — fittingly called Perspectives with Katie — which highlights women’s path to finding balance in life.


“What Deleting  A Person From Social Media Really Means” (Elite Daily) – Just another way of breaking free from bad relationships and living in the moment.  There will be people who come in and out of your lives but that doesn’t mean you have to let them define who you are or who you want to be.


“Work Life Balance is Going to Be Dead” (LinkedIn)

Are you working to live or living to work?  Is there a happy medium?  Oh isn’t that the golden questions my friends.  How much of our lives are based upon what we want to do rather than what we think we should do or what we think others want us to do?

This article discusses the idea of creating a work life balance or rather work life integration.  Like many others, I would love to merge my passions in life with the work I do on a daily basis.  The problem is, how long do I have to wait to do this?  Sure, it may not be my first job out of college, or even my second.  But those jobs have helped me learn key skills and helped expose me to other jobs and opportunities.

There are days where I stay for 9 to 10 hours to finish my work.  There are days where I leave right at 5:30 in order to have dinner with my friends.  I make sure that I have enough social time to keep me motivated and happy, but enough focus at work to make a good impression and gain the respect of my peers and bosses.  If you aren’t happy with your life, don’t complain because you have just as much ability to change it as you do to sit and complain.  Remember, you have just this one life, make it count.


Thoughts for those Mid-20’s

Another round up of random thoughts and bits of advice for those of you in your 20’s and any point of your life


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
– Theodore Seuss Giesel

  • First impressions matter, but never lose sight of who you are.  You will make more friends (the real kind who will do anything for you) with your true personality rather than trying to be someone else.


“29 People on the Hardest Things they Had to Learn In Their 20s” (Thought Catalog)

That feeling that you can do anything in the world.  You can eat what you want, say what you want, and be who you want.  Ok, the last part is true forever, but the first two points will certainly bite you in the rear (literally and figuratively)

  • Humility – Learn what it means to be wrong and make mistakes. Defining what is important to you in terms of friends, work/life balance, work, etc.  The searching is tough and you may feel that you are the only one struggling to figure this out.  Don’t worry, we are all there with you.  Some just have it figured out faster or are excellent at hiding their insecurities.

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  • Health – I can’t say it enough.  Appreciate your body for what it can do and not what it can’t.  (If only I could listen to my own advice…)  Eat good to feel good ~ make sure to get enough sleep ~ drink plenty of water.
  • Perseverance – Everyone makes mistakes and everyone will fail in life.  If you are normal, it will happen more than once.  Just pick yourself up and keep moving.

(Tips from Arjuna Perkin)



  • Even the worst job you will ever work at has something to teach you – so stop complaining and pay attention” (Thea Pilarczyk)
  • Network, network, network.  You never know who you will meet and where potential opportunities will lead you.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
– Mark Twain

Wednesday Wisdom

I think it’s about time to look back on my life. Sure, 23 years (and five months) isn’t much, but there are definitely some things about life that I have pondered (over and over and over).  Sometimes there are moments or even people who we think have been influential in our lives or decisions.  Maybe they were in the background or maybe they were only in your life for a short time.  No matter what the case may be, we’ve all experienced highs and lows, enough to help us learn and look to the future.

Thankfully I’m not the only one who over-analyzes these things and happened to round up a few inspirational links and posts on the subject of life

13 Things I Wish I’d Known My 1st Year Out of College

~ Network, network, network.  Your first job may not be your favorite but you certainly won’t get anywhere unless you put some effort into the search.  That being said, make sure when you interview, you get a feel for your bosses and your coworkers.  Having a happy and healthy environment is just as (maybe even more) important as the work you will be doing.


~ Comparison Trap …  LET IT GO ~ You are different.  You will always be different.  That’s why we love you.  The fact that media and society has created and image or lifestyle that deems what is “normal” and what is not is absolutely ridiculous.  Granted, it’s taken me a solid 23 years to come to terms with this and I still get panic attacks that I’m not living life properly.

Looking For Love” by Zen Habits

Love for the city, love for someone else, or even love for yourself.  I like this post because dating is one of those things that isn’t guaranteed.  It’s another part of life where you are forced to put yourself out there and be ready for uncertainty and rejection.  At the same time, it’s an invigorating process that helps you reestablish your beliefs, become more mindful of your surroundings and the world, and helps you define your identity.  It provides an opportunity to find people who are interested in helping you become a stronger individual, emotionally, intellectually, or maybe even physically.


Just like establishing a friend group or finding your best friends, it can be a hit and miss process, and takes a bit of time.

8 Things I’d Tell Myself at 20” by the Sometimes, Always, Never Blog

Some thoughts to consider from yours truly:

~ Be True, Be You ~ I guarantee that people are more interested in your true personality than the one you use when you try to be cool or blend in.  Plus, it’s more fun, more attractive, and so much less effort.

A Letter To Myself at 22” by the Sometimes, Always, Never Blog

~ Live life to the fullest & move past regret ~  First and foremost, regret is not attractive.  The “should have, would have, could have” syndrome?  Let it go.  The only way you can move beyond this is by living life to the fullest, understanding what makes you happy, and becoming a yes person.  Better yet, become the initiator!  Don’t wait around for invites to parties, dinner, or the beach.  Be the one to send the text message.

30 Must-Do’s While You’re Young Enough to Read This” by Marc and Angel Hack Life (too many good points here…I concur with every single one)

~ Life is too short not to eat the things you love ~ Borrowed from one of my totes but ever so true.


~ Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover ~ Classic advice and oh so true.  Even if someone appears to live a perfect life, you have no clue what goes on beyond the surface.  Maybe they just are that fit, happy, and wealthy.  You focus on you and that will bring the most amount of happiness.

~ Relax ~ Even living in one of the busiest cities in the world has taught me to be more patient.  Things will get finished and you will accomplish what you put your mind to.  But there’s no point in stressing over things you cannot control.

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”
– e. e. cummings

Farewell to An Inspirational Professor

On most Fridays I try to keep it light and share some of my favorites from the week.  However, last night I was informed by one of my close friends from Santa Clara University, that one of our favorite professors past away last weekend.  This was unexpected as he was not that old and seemed perfectly happy during our time in the bay.  I wanted to take the time to remember him and all that he did for his students, his colleagues, and anyone else blessed to have crossed his path.

“The main thing is to care. Care very hard, even if it is only a game you are playing.” – Billie Jean King

For Professor Steve Corio, it was never an act.  The passion he had for his job, the sales industry, and his students shown through on a daily basis.  Maybe it was the fact that he graduated from Santa Clara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics as well as his MBA.  Maybe it was the fact that he had been teaching at the Leavey School of Business since 1998.  Maybe it was the success he had during his time at IBM that reaffirmed his passion for life and teaching.  He shared his wisdom with both undergraduate students such as myself, as well as MBA students in the evenings and weekends.  He covered countless subjects, most notably sales management, competitive marketing strategies, and marketing analysis and decision-making.

As with many of our professors, there was much we never knew about Professor Corio.  Before joining the SCU faculty, he had a successful 30-year career, mostly at IBM, in management in accounting, finance, marketing, and sales. He created Corio Consulting, a provider of consulting services for business development, resource planning and sales management. Furthermore, he founded the Advanced Sales Skills Institute to provide individual and enterprise-wide sales training.  He was formerly VP of Sales for SecureALL and a member of the Texas Real Estate Brokers’ Association. 

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Going into school, I was pretty sure I wanted to study business.  I wasn’t positive about which major, but once I entered Professor Steve Corio’s “Intro to Marketing” course, it was settled.  There were about 18 or 20 of us, lucky to be in the honors section and beyond lucky to learn from Steve.  He made sure that each class was filled with passion and excitement.  He was able to pull us into the material by relating basic terms and theories with his time from IBM.  When it came time to select our marketing elective courses, I made sure to pick the sales management, which was taught by Steve himself.  He made sure to ask questions, push us to work hard, and help us understand sales and marketing on a deeper level. To some, it may have seemed like just another marketing elective.  But how many people can say they were taught by such an influential individual?

It’s astonishing how fragile life is.  I’ve been blessed to have been surrounded by happy, healthy, and supportive family and friends.  Yet, as time goes on, I realize that nothing ever stays the same.  I’ve realized how relationships can change with a simple conversation or argument.  Take a moment to thank those around you, thank your teachers, mentors, and even friends for the wisdom and support.  You may never realize how important someone is in your life until they are gone.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams