February Friday Favorites ~ 2.13.15

The days come and go and the winter remains.  Thank you kind groundhog for predicting six more weeks of winter.


>> No matter the weather, we come out in full force to run.  #raceeverything <<

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 4.00.44 PMThis happened.  I mean, can you just look at some of the headliners?  Farmborough Country concert here we come (although we still have four and a half months to get excited/ready/look good in boots and cutoff jeans) 😉

spontaneous adventures

 If I lived in San Francisco, I would probably have this SF Neighborhood Guide of things to do, see, and eat on my wall.  I have somewhat of an obsession with the blog The Well Traveled Wife and all her glorious finds.  Everything looks so clean and crisp and ever so chic.


I have yet to visit the Levain Bakery but apparently their chocolate chip cookies are out of this world.  Ah, if only cookies fit in the food pyramid as well as kale and keifer do.  Anyways, Broma Bakery has an excellent copy-cat recipe for you to recreate these bad boys in the comfort of your own home.  Maybe mix up a batch for a house-warming gift or a movie night at home.

LevainCookies-3-683x1024 (source)

These need to happen.  Now.  Well, maybe it would be dangerous to bake since I’ve decided to give up sweets/coffee for lent, but that doesn’t start until Wednesday.  So I guess we are in the clear.  On the other hand, a more mental challenge would be the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge.  Declutter, break free, and just be you.

 Speaking of breaking free, one must really read The Healthy Maven’s latest post on accepting yourself and your body.  I think we all struggle to find ourselves and find happiness with our genes.  So many good points here.  You go girl.


>>  Peace, love, November Project.  Worth the early alarms and chilly chilly temperatures. <<

yoga without walls

Of course, when I’m not running or spinning, I am doing my best to stretch and go to yoga.  Most of the days that I set out my yoga mat and clothes, I end up snoozing through my 5:45 alarm.  I know that I should wake up and make the trek across town, but somehow it doesn’t have the same allure as my nice pillow.  I was all into the above class because 1) it was free 2) we got free swag afterwards 3) it was with some November Project friends.


Friday Favorites – December Edition

Cleaning up a local park with fellow November Project peeps.  Who knew that digging and mulching would be so exhausting?


As I was cleaning out my room this weekend, I stumbled upon a few gems.  First up, a Fabletics coupon from the Blend Retreat back in May.  Fabletics is an online subscription program that sells women’s athletic gear and accessories.  The outfits mimic Lululemon and Athleta with lots of tank tops, comfort-fitting sports bras, and yoga pants galore.  They even have you answer a questionnaire about the types of workouts you participate in most or lifestyle habits and offer personalized outfits based on this information.  Becoming a VIP member also has its perks –> 1) personalized activewear, 2) up to 40% off complete looks, 3) 20% off all separtes, 4) free shipping on orders over $49.95, and 5) easy returns and exchanges (always a winner).

I completely forgot about this coupon card and nearly tossed it into the trash.  How many pieces of athletic gear do I really need?  No, don’t answer that please.  One thing led to another and I was signing up for a Fabletics account and just so happened to find this beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.29.44 PMNow I’m not sure I should be signing up for any monthly programs right now but one more pair of capris can’t hurt, right?  For a more detailed blogger review, check out A Foodie Stays Fit’s take on Fabletics fun.

IMG_7107Just helping out as a seat filler for CNN’s annual Heroes show at the Museum of Natural History.  This truly was an inspiring event.  Each year, 10 or so individuals are selected as heroes for the causes they created or support.  This year’s host (and maybe every year) was Anderson Cooper and the place was filled with oodles of other celebrities and everyday people who change the world.  Be sure to tune in on Sunday December 7th for some inspiration and as a bonus, you might spot me at one of the front tables!

IMG_7127 Of course getting tickets for the first showing of the Hunger Games.  #teamgale

photo 2

Client dinners call for one epic 20-layer cake (note, even with 12 people, this could not be finished!)

While this was chocolate and peanut butter concoction was absolutely delicious, the super rich treat my have have contributed to the poor sleep I got last Thursday.  Well, it may have been that plus the cheese + salami place, wine, and other oodles of dessert but what can you do?  Let’s just say clean eating during the week doesn’t really prep you for those splurge meals and my stomach was not too impressed.

IMG_6791(I seemed to have drafted this post a few weeks back, so the view of the park is obviously a little different…I’ll check in with an update – far fewer leaves and if we are lucky, a bit of white)

IMG_7168Spending a fun-filled Saturday with my mom and some old family friends. Nothing like spreading the holiday cheer in Rockefeller Plaza.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
– Andy Warhol

September Life of Late

Day in, day out and here we are with another work week complete.  I’m currently off to explore Washington D.C. with my grandma and possibly run into some of my buddies along the way.  Sure, there’s way too much to accomplish in only three days, so I already have hopes of traveling out a couple more times.  Between friends studying abroad and friends out of town and oh this little thing called November Project – D.C. chapter.

So, while I’m exploring, here’s some more recaps of late summer and early fall in the beautiful New York City.

IMG_5861Waking up for a sunrise and a bit of teamwork with the local November Project chapter. Possibly one of my favorite photos taken by the DC chapter’s CanofSpaghetti.  Check out his epic snapshots of their tribe members working out across the city.

IMG_5868More work perks.  One of the campaigns that I run is the advertising for Redd’s Apple Ale on Funny Or Die.  Their mega campaign is currently surrounding the Oddball Comedy Festival and we had the opportunity to attend the kickoff show out in New Jersey.  Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K. were definitely a couple of my favorites!

Eataly with AshfordsWho can pass up Italian food?  I usually am not one to gravitate towards pasta and pizza but oh yes please.  Their dough and cheese combination is to die for.

IMG_5936Yoga in Bryant Park

IMG_5888Brunching at the Bluebell Cafe ~ Noteworthy Brioche French Toast with Berry Compote and Lemon Curd ($10)

Bluebell Cafe
293 Third Avenue (between 22nd and 23rd Streets)  •  New York, NY 10010
*Like any popular brunch spot, it’s best to arrive early and with all your party members 🙂


Checking out the Yankees and watching Jeter play in his last season.  Although the people-watching was almost as good (if not better) than the game itself. Yankees were tanking…


My boss happened to be giving away a pair of tickets for a random weeknight game.  Who could pass up free field-level tickets??

IMG_5802Back to my running days around Central Park.  It’s one of my favorite places in the city and I sure am at my happiest when I’m all healthy and running around with that view.  For the time, New York has stolen my heart.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Welcoming November w/ Friday Favorites

Another week accomplished and my oh my it’s the beginning of November! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Halloween last night 🙂  That or are excited for their festivities tonight and tomorrow.  Just like college, Halloween seems to extend into a weeklong celebration.  What a better way to start it off than with some of my favorite things.

  • Carving pumpkins at work.  This doesn’t happen everyday and I’m sure doesn’t happen at any other company, but it sure was a blast.  Some of the people got really (and I mean REALLY) into it. 


  • Encountering a piece of history.  Well, that is if you consider a piece of Banksy art history.  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the artist Banksy is distributing a piece of art each day in October.  He leaves a line about where it’s located and it’s up to instagram followers to determine the exact location.  I was walking home from the gym around 7:30pm and happened to see a bunch of people lined up outside a furniture store.  Just my lucky day!


  • Random Throw Back Music – A couple weeks ago my coworkers told me about this new phone app and website called Songza, which is considered the latest music concierge.  It allows you to select a mix of music based upon the time of day and activity you are doing.  For example, if it’s a Tuesday morning, you may be working out, waking up, commuting, or starting the workday.  Sure enough, they provide a medley of options for each one of these activities.

For the past few years I’ve been a hard core Pandora user but have been a little frustrated with their selection of songs, the fact they repeat so many of the songs, and the inability to fast forward through most of them.  I have a huge case of music ADD so it can make for a very frustrating run.


There was one time my friends told me that real runners run without music.  I looked at him and said I don’t care, I have to get through the next 5 miles in the heat, 4 miles uphill at 2am, and 5 miles tomorrow so if I want to listen to music, I will and there will be no judgement.  This was during my first Ragnar Relay in Utah, so I needed all the help I could get.

I don’t really know what my favorite type of music is, I just know that my favorite band is Train and I enjoy running to songs with a good beat.  I don’t discriminate against Brittany Spears and was totally loving this throwback selection on Songza.

  • Sweet treats – Found this on Facebook.  What are Ben & Jerry up to??? It might certainly be worth a splurge this weekend if I find someone to help me finish it 🙂


  • Friends who agree to your random adventures – From free yoga to artichoke pizza, we are quite the classy bunch out here. 



Have a great weekend and enjoy your fall!

“I just kept on doing what everyone starts out doing. The real question is, why did other people stop?” – William Stafford